Gta san andreas missions

Use the L2 and R2 buttons to look left or right. After all 6 tags are sprayed, get in Sweet's car you can jump off the roof without losing any health and drive back to the Grove to complete the mission. It is not possible to perform a stealth kill on the guard behind the bar, so crouch and walk by the bar so that he doesn't see you. After successfully winning this contest, a short cutscene will take place. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.

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Fish in a Barrel. To look around on the bike, use the left analog stick and to fire, press 'Circle'. Riot after Cut Throat Business. Shoot down the chopper with a rocket launcher, if you have one and protect Sweet. There's nothing complicated about midsions mission, you just need to chase after the cars marked with blips and kill the people inside before your time runs out.

Goto the end of the corridor and take out all of the SWAT cops. You can shoot forwards on the bike or from the sides by looking left or right L2 and R2.

Basics When you enter a Firetruck saj you're not currently on a mission, hit the R3 button to start the Firefighter Missions.

Walkthrough - GTA: San Andreas Wiki Guide - IGN

It is removed, and you discover that you are in the middle of nowhere with Tenpenny and Pulaski. Follow him down the stairs. Tactics Now like all "Sub-Missions" I suggest you do the Taxi Driver Missions as soon as possible, as the rewards you earn for completing them will help quite a lot in the out-of-mission gameplay.

With the news of Madd Dogg's release, it appears the time has arrived. If you have a rocket launcher, now is the perfect time andreaw use it.

Choose from one of the four places to rob around Red County. Sweet explains that Ryder is a great shootist, so we need CJ on the wheel. You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

Other than that, it's pretty useless, but gt needs to be done. CJ meets up with Ryder and they go outside to avoid the awful music.

Sweet demonstrates how it's done, and sprays the Grove Street tag over that of the Front Yard Ballas. Like a clockwork ninja!

The Da Nang Thang. Seconds later, Big Smoke is heard screaming. Get the wired car from a bomb-shop in Downtown San Fierro Detonate the car inside the yay factory in Doherty. When you arrive at the girlfriend's flat, Sweet is surrounded.


Carl demands that he andreeas his hands off his sister, but after some discussion, he agrees to give Cesar a chance. It's time to take out the drug dealers that are ruining Grove Street, but you'll need backup. Do errands for Jizzy B. Place the boxes in the back of the van by simply driving into it.

Missions in GTA San Andreas

Mission Structure Level The other makes a run for it, climbing several fences whilst doing so. Hijack a Tanker and connect to tanker-trailer Take the gas to Mr. In order to eliminate the vehicles, you'll ideally need a Sub-Machine Gun in order to drive by the hell out of their vehicle, if you're trying to beat them then I'd suggest over bullets would be adequate.

Retrieve the dossier from an agent at Aldea Malvada. Concentrate on driving, and let the rest do the shooting. Thanks for that, a lot to do!

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