Device id android app

You can also use Google Analytics for Mobile Apps, which offers a solution for per-app analytics. Documentation says it represents the hardware serial number. There are many good reasons to avoid that.

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Hertzel Guinness 4, 2 30 Blocked Unblock Follow Get updates. Build Aosp Extended on Ubuntu Would you androic to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

If two different users purchase an item, the payload is different between them, so that one user's purchase can't be replayed to another user.

For example, the chance of a collision is much higher for random identifiers seeded with the calendar date of installation e. As soon as you will enter the last digit, Gtalk Service Monitor will open up and show your Android device ID along with your email. It's known to be null sometimes, it's documented as "can change upon factory reset". Anfroid have no guarantee that dveice user will ever turn on their Wi-Fi, and I don't really think it is 'appropriate' to turn it on yourself.

Make sure all your important data is backed up somewhere safe before you go through the below process. Jan 16 '13 at 8: After almost 3 years since last update, we are releasing new update with new feature with lot's of improvement. Then you need to create the backup agent and tell it to use the helper agent for sharedpreferences:. This is where the collisions androis happen. Find All Thanked Posts. The blog is making an assumption that what you want is not necessarily to track the device, whereas the question asks for just that.

I caught into my old androiid and need pics of my There are other possibilities here are well, just have a look at these strings. Only the app instance for which it was provisioned can access this identifier, and it's relatively easily resettable devide it only persists as long as the app is installed.

Returns something like Know before you buy October 23, Please see Storage Options guide for more information. However, the original question is about generating a unique ID for the deviceand this ID is generated per app, and not even per installation, let alone per device, and since it relies upon the user selecting the backup option, its uses beyond user preferences e.

2 Easy Ways To Find Android Device ID and Change It

Especially if the API got updated? This won't work on an uninstall or clearing of data.

You should try to go for the built-in methods to find and ahdroid Android device ID. This is important because the longer, and more reliably, an identifier persists e.

So the bug is already resolved? Devices without telephony services like tablets must report a unique device ID that is available via android.

So they are basically different representations of the same value. Not for my tablets, which don't have an IMEI since they don't connect to my mobile carrier. Switch to Threaded Mode.

[APP] Android Device-ID

The Meier presentation relies upon using the Android Backup Manager, which in turn depends upon the user choosing to turn that feature on. Minimum target 8 is required for this. I've used this dveice instead:

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