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The Industry Standard BookDrive is a de facto industry standard of how libraries around the world digitize their books today. Can be uncomfortable over long use. You can choose the program to pre-place the crop rectangles at exactly the same position in every pair, or slightly varying positions based on the text, or the page edge.

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Can be uncomfortable over long use. Cost - This product was considerably cheaper than the other units we were considering.

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BookDrive Biokdrive 2 Brochure. Operator can see Live View and view captured images on a monitor in the correct orientation without additional adjustment.

You can easily move between computers without going through complicated software activation process. Brighter light equivalent to 2 stop speed shutter compared with BookDrive Pro and extra sharpness is achieved.

Color and highlights in the page can be preserved while giving new life to grey and drab pages.

Mark 2 is easier on your back, arms, eyes and ears. BookDrive Editor Pro can replace that with bright and clear background free from speckles and stains, effectively preserving old, faded prints and priceless historical works such as scrolls and century-old books. Some of the reasons why customers chose the Atiz. Powerful Software Suite Software determines the true productivity of a system and software from Atiz is the best. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Youtube.

Book Scanners Boodkrive 2. BookDrive Editor Pro 7 The application for advanced post-scan image processing to create output of the highest quality ready for distribution.

With the redesigned interface in version 6, you will spend less time finishing the tasks.

When you face with the same kind of book, simply evoke the profile you have saved instead of going through the configurations again. The new V cradle is better and more flexible.

Product Dimension Base footprint: We will try to respond to you within 24 hours. Brighter yet more comfortable. Some bookddive that were buried 4 levels deep are now brought to the front page where you can make change with just a single click.

Edotor - The Mark II can capture 2 high-resolution images in a couple of seconds including the time it takes to turn the page.

This process used to be tricky that could take countless sessions for the user to get what she really wants. Superior Ergonomics, Comfort and Safety Ergonomics, operator comfort and safety is most important and it has received a bookrrive upgrade. Install the software on as many computers as you need, the included USB dongle will unlock the software automatically for you.

Better, scratch-resistant V platen The V platen ecitor made using a premium scratch-resistant material that is more transparent and durable than glass allowing for better scanned images.

Upgrade to Mark 2. The V platen is made using a premium scratch-resistant material that is more transparent and durable than glass allowing for better scanned images. Easily insert missing pages, replace or delete unwanted ones.

BookDrive Editor Pro 7.0

What do you do with unwanted yellow tint commonly found in old books? In v5, cropping was a one selection hit.

You only need to make settings for the bookdriv pair of images. Like a light in a luxury car cabin, it gently dims off when you turn it off so it's less abrupt to your eyes. No direct light facing toward users The new custom light produces much better images, but more importantly, the light will not shine directly or bounce off the glass into the operator's eyes. And a lot more including rotation, deskew, drop, auto level, brightness and contrast adjustment, etc.

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