Aurora spirit otome

Oh my god, I can't believe it! The main story was a touch predictable but there were a bunch of little pieces that fit together nicely. If you don't wanna spend your money there are still few games that you can play! On a side note, is it possible for people to die in the game? The thing that hurts my emersion is when a charecter does something horrible to the mc and she has barely any reaction it unnerves me.

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Anyway, thank you again for the wonderful experience! Join this Amino to read more! Lots of depth; plenty of replay value, and, I'm sure, the other ROs were awesome too. Featured post Inktober 4. Haha, I'm glad you say I understood the game so well!

Especially since I truly believe that feedback help me grow as a creator. I look forward to working with you in the future: Before starting this blog I wanna say that you will have pay money for this games to get everything they offer.

You probably don't recognize my avatar, but he's Nicholl from Lads auroda Distress who is ALSO a sweet and wonderful magic-controlling otoome who's childhood best friends with the MC. Konoi 1 year ago 1 edit. Is there a guide for all endings? Nice, funny, old good fantasy. So far just from our informal sort of polling Rocco and Lux are far and away the most popular, although Ignatius seems to have gotten a pretty large boost from what people have seen in our video so far.


I think I should stop now! Will review it soon! Haha XD Thank you for this wonderful game! Carol days ago. To be honest, when I first downloaded it I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.

Also one of your companions turning out to be a prince. And thank YOU ogome playing it and encouraging me to make another game! I hate distractions when I read.

For me a good VN is defined by tons of meaningful choices, chance to shape the main protagonist by them, nice graphics and an interesting story, preferably ltome and not overly weird. I simply don't have the heart to try and do something else since otomw may spirot someone's death, but I still want to know haha.

Now, since english isn't my language either, it didn't really bother me or hinder the experience, and I wouldn't be able to correct it anyway I'm pretty sure I do my fair share or grammatical errors too haha. Haha I though "maybe" people can die at some point, but seeing that You don't have to romance Xander for him to pass his character's test. I loved both of them, the guys were hot and very pleasant to look at.

Did writers wanted to do that? Mikko 1 year ago. The freedom with the choices was expansive to my romantic detriment lol. Featured post Group Posts: Clearly I have a type, and that type is people who have a history with the MC and are also exceedingly loyal and kind and want the MC to be happy, even if it's otme with them.

I tried twice, but I failed.

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It's an excellent long visual novel with lot of branches, some heavy but logical autora, a chance to shape the character's morality and "win" as either good or evil, yay!

I really liked the options you gave in the second video.

Can't wait to read it!

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