Falling into you

They lean on each other, on music, and the feelings they have for each other start to surface. New Adult Book Club: Kyle and Nell grew up together, BFFs throughout grade school and middle school. Oh, god, oh, god, ohmigod.

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I cried fallimg ugly, tears. This book to me, was her Cam Retrieved 29 June Colton however, has some heavy demons of his own dealing with, which we don't discover until later But arguing with you won't accomplish anything. She's broken, empty, sad, wounded.

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I would break…just shatter. I'm not ready to move on.

Lists with This Book. Not that one either?

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They find each valling and become that anchor for one another, albeit it reluctantly and cautiously at first. I hurt with her. It was just perfect.

Wow wow, freakin' wow! Colton figures out pretty quickly that Nell is still a mess. I could feel how broken she was with all my heart. Jean-Jacques Goldman Phil Galdston. I am so blown away by their emotional connection, their ability to open up about the most painful, embarrassing, horrific stuff of their past to each other, things that they have never spoken to anyone else about. It really is beautiful watching them heal each other and the music ends up being their escape.

He wrote beautiful lyrics, words straight from his heart and soul. But they could never fully heal. I haven't cried whilst reading a book in a long long time Nell doesn't know why but she feels an instant connection to him one she certainly doesn't feel is appropriate and again the guilt she feels at that is right there on the pages that you feel what she's feeling.

This book was yku. There were no annoying points and almost everything that needed to be said was said at the right time. They deserve an epic HEA, and I felt just a little bit cheated. Even thru their poor shattered broken hearts, seeing them learn to love again, watching both of them open up, more emotions, ugh — and there I go with the tears again.

Nell and Kyle's story from the beginning was this beautiful portrayal of young love and all the firsts that people experience.

It's okay not to be okay.

Despite the age, which would normally make me cringe, you can see this couple was meant to be each other's firsts. He sees her knto a broken, destroyed shell full of potential to hope, live, love, breathe again.

A voice to the emotions that were bottled up deep inside. It's a fallijg story on both their parts and painful for totally different reasons. And we get some more drama at the end. This was an amazing story to tell and one that will stay with me forever. I was a blubbering mess by a third of the way through.

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