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This is maybe the end of Icefilms; Quote:. Make sure your zip file is named: Ice is working, at least for me with current update.

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A;ple just for a try I did a search for this movie using Navi-X which has a search directory for IceFilms and it finds it but says the source is empty but it is listed as a Divx. Let me know if this fixes the issue for you. The problem is that when you re-zip it on the mac, it gives it tweaks the original zip file name.

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They have been charged in Virginia with crimes related to online piracy, including racketeering conspiracy, conspiring to commit copyright infringement, and conspiring to commit money laundering. This is maybe the end of Icefilms; Quote:.

I went through the exact same thing. Anybody have any ideas? For those that go to my blog, you will see all the pitfalls are discussed in great length and what their solutions are. You can skip the upper part and go directly to Installing IceFilms.

I don't know if tvv means anything but what is bothering me the most is why he can get the title and watch it with the ATV1 but not the ATV2. There's everything in it you xbmd to know, including video tutorials on youtube.

Now, redownload the zip file and copy it again to the Apple TV. Latest News 14 Aug Infuse 5. The FBI has busted the alleged operators of Internet locker service Megaupload, which had become one of the most popular video destinations on the Web, according to a statement from the U.

I advise you to read this tutorial: Ice is working, at least for me with current update. I'm a newbie compared to most guys on here, appld any knowledge I can share is cool.

SO through the comments the community gets together and we come up with those solutions. Just did this myself last night and got it running. Be sure it is a zip file you put on the Apple TV!

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Maybe you can try to download the zip file again with Firefox; http: Maybe this is icefil,s http: Home Guides Forum Blog Status. Make sure your zip file is named: Also, if that does not work, in the screen before the one where IceFilms is suppose to show up but is empty Appl down the menu button and a new screen will pop up, click on Force Refresh and the IceFilms addon should be there within seconds.

However, only Rapid Share files seem to be streaming. Unfortunately, what works for one person doesn't work for another sometimes. That was my problem. Here is the link to the youtube video the author of the write up posted: When I downloaded it, Safari unzipped it automatically so I zipped it back up and it changed the xbmcc.

I think we all try to help here. Justice Department and FBI. Best thing to do is to turn off Safari's automatic unzipping "feature".

Plug it back in. Is there an add-on I am missing? The write up referenced in an earlier iicefilms addresses this issue and it worked for me.

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