Hd tv xml file

SD guide data works ok. Then all you have to do is select them in the same way you would to upload them. I know that the VBox team is working on a range of EPG solutions because of the standard variations worldwide - just look at mythTV and Kodi forums to see how this has affected so many. Save the config file and restart the docker, and after a minute or two it will generate your XML in the "data" location it specified during the installation.

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What do I need what do I leave untouched? Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. If the EPG isn't easy for Joe Public to use straight out of the box or at least by following simple instructions like I suggest above then how on earth can you search for the stuff you want to record?

Setup - Channel Icons, Programme Guide, SSH, File Upload, etc - VBox TV Gateway Forum

I can get it working again by fiddling about with all the channels and changing to a different provider, but cant seem to find one that just works. The solution that lgnch suggested to upload the channel icons is the best way we currently support, however I have passed your request for a faster solution to the product manager and we will look xm it in one of our future releases. You currently have javascript disabled.

I already tried my ipv4 adress and the URL-link of m3u file but it doesnt work. Gary And Filr Demons. View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread. Go to the full post.

This is not something that VBox can cater for without feedback, and i have found them to be excellent at responses and support, which is why I picked up the device.

Connect with your social network account. Where is the documentation?

How to add and set up channel's EPG, using xml-file?

While I respect you have spent hours learning the new tech because not every function is listed in detail - which is normal on many devices I can name Asus dile one - linksys as another - for your required changes, I am not following your argument that it does not stream out of the box once configured.

Best Answer millsii16 July - I cant offer specific locations here as you may have things mapped differently to me, but if you made it this far, Im guessing you've had to deal with docker folder mappings int he past anyway.

My schedule is pretty limiting tbqh. In the manual it could say: Try this first and if your programme guide isn't properly populated then move on to the next rv methods Live Signal with Channel Pairing. Posted 16 July - Author Post time Subject Direction: SupaYoshi Junior Member Posts: Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. I would never, ever have looked there as there is nothing in the appalling documentation about this. It shouldn't take you long to get the hang of how it works.

Adding a complete walk through for every possibility in the manual seems counter productive with the youtube guides being available, and as you say the website does not show you need technical expertise, but it does not say you do not either - show me a website that does for hardware?

XMLTV and UK EPG TV Listings

I would seriously re-think this. It requires a bit of self setup, flie then is set and forget. I know that the VBox team is working on a range of EPG solutions because of the standard variations worldwide - just look at mythTV and Kodi forums to see how this has affected so many.

Only Fools and Horses. VBox offers the Android, Apple and Windows 10 App so it does as it says and provides the web interface as a benefit not a guarantee for a specific browser type, as no one can force a browser maker to work for a particular manufacturer - the web access via VLC xmll works in Internet Explorer just fine. Your Face or Mine. This does not take away from your frustration - which the VBox team are working to resolve - but I hope it helps put things in perspective so VBox, and we as a community, can work on continuing to resolve your EPG issue and you do not give up as, in my opinion, the box is worth it.

For EPG try this http: Please please Support Team, can we have a full manual?

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