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If not, let them know. This is an enterprise-class tool aimed at enterprise accounts. Harish 1 1 2. Rapid SQL is available in a Standard edition or in a Professional edition to suit your requirements and budget.

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However some accounts the aggregation is correct while in other accounts its Software development Web development Database design Database management system.

Cameron Cox 16 4. Supports standard operations such as get, checkout, check-in, history and diff.

Retrieved October 21, This review is based on the release version 5. Embarvadero Overflow works rwpid with JavaScript enabled. RapidSQL is aimed squarely at the Oracle programmer. Back to top of file Detailed review Please see the comparison table for the detailed review of this product.

But to mention them here would be unfair since none of the other tools have them either. I also noted whenever I had to step outside Rapid to get the job done.

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Sun Java 2 Standard Edition 5. It is not a stored proc policy thing. One support option I've appreciated: Gurbakhshish Singh 1 6 SQL Creation and Editing The included SQL IDE supports code-folding, syntax highlighting, hot-key assignments and configurable auto replace of objects Context-sensitive DBMS actions provide quick access to common functionality Visual Query Builder zql easy construction of even the most complex SQL queries Code templates help to produce SQL more quickly Database Ssl Support Easily create, update and delete tables, indexes, views, stored procedures, functions, triggers and more Wizards help to increase productivity, prompting for the options that are applicable to objects found on the selected database platforms Execute commands against a selected group of objects Extended alter support generates scripts as a result of object manipulation Project Management Version control support for a range of systems including Microsoft SourceSafe, PVCS, Clear Case and Perforce.

The product gets 4. They did so, and have quickly filled almost every gap they once had.

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The rapis holds on to old debug version "images" of stored objects. Back to top of file Who should use it? I'm having issue with the double of total billed amounts. Your manager will fire you for thinking you spent weeks writing web pages without his permission. Is there a way to step through SQL code in debugging mode?

Publishers Our key publishers: This includes RevealNet's Formatter product, for which other tools charge extra. The Debugger features basic execution, line-by-line execution, breakpoint support, and other common debugging features. Harish 1 1 2. Sqo licensing enables the product to be run on one database platform only. In October Embarcadero acquired data security business Ambeo.

If your logical data modeling and application design include class diagrams or other UML diagrams, they also offer the award-winning GDPro. However I have made no changes to any of the fields I am selecting: There are 95 codes for each account, not just the 2 I am showing in the results below.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Ease of integration with other tools and systems. ebmarcadero

Although some tasks ordinarily owned by DBAs are possible -- like creating or modifying roles, profiles, rollback segments, and tablespaces - Embarcadero's DBArtisan is a much better tool for DBA work. Ajaya Rk 5 6. I'm just looking for the general things like commenting out a number of lines at once and anything else that embarcaderl

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