Blackberry 9800 chinese language pack

I added you to BBM so just send me a message later. In OS 4 you can only use Pinyin for simplified characters, but not for traditional characters unless you add a third-party Pinyin input method. From the wireless service provider's website, download the BlackBerry Device Software for the BlackBerry smartphone that includes the East Asian language pack. Chinese Computing Help Desk.

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That's because Blackberry systems have almost no room for fonts and apps. Posted by Unknown at 3: Would you please help me to install Koran language pack on languave Torch? I will PIN you and send you my email address. Before installing the new OS you must do a special backup of all your data and all your apps not the usual backup, which only saves data in the default Blackberry apps.

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Good luck to those waiting to try Getting Japanese to work on the BB For example, BlackBerry Device Software 4.

Wait until the progress finished.

Originally Posted by RSH. Thank you so much.

Download links are below if you need them. Blackberrylanguage, how to by http: I don't know, but I think it is expired. Really, it's for the best. Page 3 of 4.

You may also have to perform a little trick on the installer software: Pinyin will come in really handy. Thank you for your feedback! September 12, Type: Pinyin and BoPoMoFo works now Saturday, July 2, Blackberry Language Pack: Glad that the 10 plus hours paack I spent searching for solution have paid off, thanks to many of you, especially JEEpers.

How to install and configure the East Asian language pack on a BlackBerry smartphone

It didn't cause any harm on my blackberfy If you install the big All Language download, the OS may later ask if you want to delete some languages to save space.

Then you flash the new OS onto your device via USB, and restore as much of your previous data and apps as you can. Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Let me know if you think I should. Will it affect the Asia language pack that I have installed? Recent versions of the OS look a little better than this but the information is still basically valid.

Last edited by JEEPers: Q9 offers one such third-party input method package direct off their website. I got langkage good article bout it. I added you to BBM so just send me a message later. Do u use Blackberry?

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