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The proper perspective for the graphics in Fighting Steel is smooth motion, moderately detailed vessels, passable fire effects, and a really tired ocean. Download Snacko's custom mission: T he box touts the "most visually stunning" graphics ever.

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Campaign Fighting Steel's campaign structure is a mix of new and old.

Download Fighting Steel: World War II Surface Combat 1939-1942 (Windows)

Moving a ship to "in port" status allows the crews to refresh from a "fatigued" status. One disappointment was that there was no visible torpedo splashes when a hit was scored. S SI scripted two adequate tutorials to get you started.

The House of the Mouse Status: The database viewer gives a 2D and 3D view of each ship class with the ability to change angle and lighting to simulate visual identification at a distance. Although many of the features I had hoped to make it into this sim probably figbting never be incorporated, I feel confident that SSI's continued support of this product will allow it to stay on my hard drive for some time to come. T ime for gripes. Mission Building Fighting Steel contains a very robust mission builder so existing missions can be edited and new scenarios can be created.

Great Naval Battles Vol. Who knows, if it sells well enough, maybe in a year or two, Fighting Steel II will cover more ground, so to speak.

When reports of bulkheads giving way forward meant speed of 9kts only possible. Description of Fighting Steel: If you are looking for carriers and submarines you will have look to other simulations. Fighting Steel's campaign structure is a mix of new and old. Each shell is tracked. Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Anabasis is out!

The virtual carnage was horrific. For once in a sim, a big gun sounds like a big gun.

The campaign engine makes the determination if a battle is to be fought; if one is at hand you are moved to play mode. At the start of each campaign you are given control over a finite set of assets.


I loved the exasperated tone in the American guy's voice when it said "Sir, one of our ships missed the signal to turn and has detached itself from the division" sigh rollseyes. The generator can produce a random battle based on criteria that is specified up-front.

While this battle took place inthe scenario fihgting database allows me to create a very accurate engagement. If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us! On the other hand, I had a first-rate time constructing missions and then playing them out fightong I saw fit. Simply, the creators of Fighting Steel wanted to recreate the battles at sea of the capital ships in their heyday, which was principally I would have appreciated some kind of voice-over narration, as trying to execute a real-time mission on-screen while jumping back to the manual was challenging at best. Fighting Steel: Review

Overall, only the program stability significantly handicaps Fighting Steel. The developers thoughtfully included several settings so you can decide how much interruption is too much. I n actual contact, events develop rapidly and unforeseen events occur at the worst moments.

An actual radar scope to study contacts as they develop. Brought to you by the folks who sponsored the classic subsim Silent Hunter, Fighting Steel comes off the ways at flank speed with fightimg focus on big ship engagements at sea from to Although each execution of a single player historic or fantasy scenario results in a numerical score, the game does not save these numbers on a "high score" board.

As the news spread in the naval sim players community, SSI and DBZ took a preemptive strike and released several patches, culminating in patch v1.

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