Empire earth maps

I just want to sit down with my dad and play a custom made map against an AI. Hope this helps you as well, Wrd. Thanks Goofycarpet Marine posted

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I have our names entered in, and if were both in the lobby with me hosting, I go to click on saved games ext. Then right away save it, change that. I cant make maps and play them multiplayer, like over my network.


What name should he be? Earh incase anyone else is wondering how to do it. Ok, I'll try it tommorow. Please Login or Register.

What's a guy to do? How to create custom multiplayer maps and scenarios.

Empire Earth Heaven :: Download Central

Yeah I admit, the threads are old, but a lot of people mapa scour these numerous posts on the same topic to try and find answers. Dont ask me how to do it over the net though, too much effort.

Check it out here! Top You must be logged in to post messages.

Why couldnt they have just added this to the game? This method DOES work. Hey, guys, I just got back into Empire earth.

Please login or register. Wrd2ThaWise Marine posted UK Dolman Marine posted You can look at the top of a post to see the date it was posted. Yes that does work. Here's a fully explained article on this topic as well: And with out my dad in the game, I'll try to load the game, but it says " The name Dolman is not on this saved game" Well I have it entered as my name in the scn.

Martius Marine posted Goofycarpet Marine posted I thought this single link would hopefully answer the question quick and painless without having to googlize the forums in hope of an answer. Anyway, what's up with you putting the same post in multiple threads? RandomLunatic Marine posted GB Heaven Total War: I'll givet a try Thanx!

So your saying I should put 4 players into the editor even tho Im only gonna use 3? Total War Heaven Napoleon: I dont feel like sitting down for hours trying to figure out how to do this, so please gimme some advice.

EE - Random Map Scripts

Starting up a random map, with me, my dad, and a cpu. The new EE game coming out is a differnt game, not an add on. I know this has probably been asked a million times before, so if you want to flame me go for it, just try to give me an answer too So, how can I do this with out ,aps much work?

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