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Specials , Packages and Services. Buyer needs to complete by end of August and land registry says they will expedite - any guidance on how long this could take from the normal 58 working days? As to registration of the land, whether now or in the future, without any of the deeds this will be quite an involved process and most people would consult a legal professional, such as a solicitor, to act on their behalf. The 'official copy' is admissible for example, in court to the same extent as the original, i.

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However, further deeds in paper were recreated in using prints reproduced from film of the original deeds. They are correct to say that registration of the land may not help directly as once registered, our title plans show general boundaries only, meaning that the exact position of the legal boundary line is left undefined. No paperwork can be found.

I am about to send off the documents to transfer my late uncle's house to myself and first register it, and finally received the "deeds" from Santander today.

In some states, it may be called a grant deed or deed of warranty. Our mortgage lender didn't have the title deeds or our solicitor at the time of sale didn't either. Comment by Christine posted ajd on 04 April Thanks for your time IFC.

After all the entry and any perceived risk will still be there, indemnity policy or not.

We should be able to confirm this and provide any other information that may be relevant from our files. Am I right in assuming that since the whole field is within my boundary that they have no claim on it and that even if they were able to come up with some old paperwork suggesting that they were given it by the previous owner deceasedthe land continues to be mine?

G.M. Divekar's Practical Guide to Deeds and Documents

Comment eocuments Liz Pearce posted on on 21 June Property new build was purchased and completed mid November Comment by Still Confused posted on on 02 October Dear Adam, Ian and colleagues, I have tried to dociments through all of the above exchanges and many of my questions have been answered, thanks.

Please note that our website pages will differ from those of commercial organisations by having 'gov. Diane - the electronic title register was prepared from the doocuments registers that we held, not from the deeds. I've printed off form OC2 but I'm unsure how to complete part 7 which asks me to list the documents I'm requesting copies of, as it states if I put "Any" or "All' the application will be rejected.

G.M. Divekar's Practical Guide to Deeds and Documents - Wadhwa Book Company

That may help to identify why they are actually important and needed. In the United Statesa pardon of the President was once considered to be a deed and thus needed to be accepted by the recipient.

The council have subsequently agreed to sell property on their estate documennts Network Housing, who now claim that my parents have built an extension to their property on Network Housing Property The extension was built in with full planning consent within the property demise indicated in the deeds.

One of our other blogs: Comment by ianflowers posted on on 30 April JeanR - As you may have seen, the blog links to our Practice Guide 2 which explains the process - https: Comment by Charles Lennard posted on on 02 July Comment by Stuart posted on on 24 May Comment by Anne Feltham posted on on 15 July We have just finished paying off our mortgage and our house is now registered with the land registry and we have a copy of this which our lender sent us.

Comment by diane posted on on 07 September I am sorry but I suspect your deeds have been destroyed by your mortgage lender.

Comment by Gillian posted on on 27 February Hi hoping you can help with my inquiry. IFC - following on from my earlier reply, if the property is registered, the title register will give the class of title and that would be what you are buying. It shows we own the leasehold of the flat and there is a mortgage charge against it.

Comment by StewartF posted on on aand April I'm a bit confused about how sloppy the holding of the deeds to a property are, the deeds are the documents to the ownership of the property, if you pay all that money for a property dedes are not given the deeds how can you legally own it?

Lenders will sometimes charge a redemption fee to complete the formalities when a mortgage is paid off. We paid cash for a new build property about 10 months ago, and have received a completion of registration form quoting our title number.

I bought a converted barn in and in I became aware of easements affecting my property which the sellers were also not aware about when they bought the land from the dcuments in You can then get a copy of your deeds. Our blog 'How old is your house' - https: Retrieved 11 June Comment by Rachael posted on on 12 March Thanks Adam.

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