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But will continue to think about it maybe there is some other approach that somehow combines the best of both these ideas?? Main thing to do: When you adjust the lilt or swing or adjust individual beats in each of the parts, you want the notes in the other parts to remain aligned together, so doesn't seem a good idea to completely uncouple the parts from each other as far as timing is concerned. So would first program moving the instruments and controllers, volumes etc - and then - moving the numbers of beats, custom beats per measure, level of swing for each part etc - and then both. It's not limited by the slower standard rate of the midi cable protocol.

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Bounce Metronome Pro Wish List

That would be the main thing that would need some work. Metrohome Ozan Yarman though I also had earlier wishes for same thing. So you provide a recording of all the numbers 1 to say 20 and of commonly needed syllables like "and", "la", "li", "te", "ta", "ti", "and", "a" etc.

Or - could use one of the Wiki on a stick alternatives. But that would still be probably several weeks, most likely more, of someone's time. Not that hard to do so far. Rhythm editor Add a feature.

And then highlight each beat as it is played. It uses a Metromome routine that is normally used just to start and stop playback of an audio recording. Another idea meyronome to use the double pendulum to change something else in the program such as volume, pan location, other controller etc. I mean just the type where the program plays reference tones you can use for tuning your instrument. First, the bounce visuals do work up to a fair distance, as the eye is very sensitive to this sort of movement, I find you can easily follow it e.

But I don't have access to anything like prp in Bounce Metronome. Or you might tell your friends I hope that you will tell your friends about the software - many of the sales are through recommendations of friends.

Bounce Metronome Pro

Wen the width of the window consists of several measures, say 2 measures - the go silent briefly option counts the entire rhythm as a single extended "measure".

Same is case for the auto arrange option. All of this is easy to program. This might be nice if e. Doesn't seem much you can do about that, as that is what you generally want if e. See this discussion at floro flamenco What is your weapon of choice: It can do that already actually, but not in real time, and it doesn't always get it right depending on the instrument timbre, so I need another solution there, coding has moved on prk this area, with highly accurate pitch detection available for microtonal use - and I rather expect that using other third party code to do it might bouncd the best way ahead nowadays.

Metrpnome introduces many capabilities not normally found in metronomes - such as polyrhythms, long bars, syncopated rhythms and so on. But the easiest way to find out what is in the free taster is just to download it and try it out and see what it can do - and metfonome can take the Basic and Pro metronomes for a test drive at any time to find out what they can do. Beats and subdivsions, and then for the Counting system for beat subdivsions, choose "Custom".

And many more videos on the youtube channel. I don't know how those work exactly but could research into it - maybe you can use an "off the shelf" method for metrobome the movement of the baton tip and converting it into data you can import into BM Pro for this feature, once it is programmed.

Background to this idea: Kind of handwaving, I can't really see it yet but maybe with some thought will get a solution. Also it would help if it is displayed on a small device seen closer up and may also help musicians who are more familiar with mertonome type of display. metronpme

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So it is visually more complex than it needs to be, and a bit unintuitive for the user as well. That could be an option - to keep the instruments and just move the number of beats - or to move instruments and controllers as well.

I think this should be possible, with some careful work - the program itself would do basically that division into 60 subdivisions or whatever is needed, same as the previous idea, but the difference is, it wouldn't show it to the user, only use it internally as a way to figure out where the beats align.

You can see the problem if you try e. Metronome M1 is a simple megronome extremely accurate metronlme.

It is probably quite hard to code from scratch but perhaps there are "plug ins" I can use to do it for me.

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