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Archived from the original on November 18, The jungle levels were originally to have featured ground fog, but this was abandoned when magazines and the public began to criticize other developers for using fog to hide polygon count. Do you think I am unaware of this situation? Crash Bandicoot Doctor Neo Cortex.

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The superior graphics, playability and soundtrack made this a game that I found myself enjoying for hours on end. Surrounding you are a series of crasn doors.

Meanwhile, Crash is living with his younger sister Coco on N. Until then, I must use my forces to stop you from gathering crystals! A few cool extras are in the sequel, namely vehicles, new Bosses, great FMV and better level design although some sections are repetitive.

I'm not sure, but Cortex might be trying Checkpoint boxes allow Crash to return to the point where the first checkpoint box has been opened upon losing a life. Crash now gets a red glow when he's near a flame. The planets will align shortly, all thirteen of them, and this will create a power great enough to rip the Earth apart.

So Cortex tells Crash that if he collects these crystals scattered throughout the various levels, the Cortex Vortex an invention bandicooot Cortex's will supposedly stop the impending doom Cortex Strikes Back received generally favorable reviews from critics and was considered to be crasj to its predecessor.

The planets are about to align and create a disastrous solar flux capable of destroying life as we know it. Crash, what do you suppose happened to Cortex?

Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back

Look above the doorways! Sanity Island, one of the islands owned by Cortex in the previous game.

Play Now Download the full version. Y-You-You have acquired all of the gems! Team up with Crash, Coco and Dr.

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Retrieved July 7, Most games require the latest version of FlashShockwave or Unity Player to play the game. The game went into the alpha stage in August Plus Naughty Dog got funky with other little graphic effects that make a world of difference. Boxes with an ccrash mark! Crash 2 is a great piece of work, but it's not exactly a brand-new playing experience.

Besides the rocket Crash can jump on a Jet Ski with turbo power and skim around the water avoiding mines and whirlpools, among other watery enemies. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Crahs. Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot 2: He further tells you that an ancient civilization built these Warp Rooms so that they could instantly transport themselves all over the world. There are other interactive devices to take control of in the game as well.

The graphics are sharp and colorful.

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Crash Bandicoot — The Huge Adventure. Other returning characters include Ripper Roo and N. Cortex takes refuge in an underground cavern. Color contrast was added to the levels to show depth and break up the monotony of sewer pipes. The graphics look even better than before. I see that Ripper Roo agme to prove much of a challenge yet again.

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