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Opioids are biggest crisis we face. Deaths from synthetic opioids on the rise. Brittany called him some choice names, and Ryan shrugged his shoulders and walked off.

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Each stint ended in a relapse. Deaths from synthetic opioids on the rise. They started back dating slowly, and then a year and a half later, on February 24,they were married.

Story highlights Brittany and Ryan Coleman's romance nearly killed them They overdosed together on heroin and meth at a gas station in After years of addiction, they both recovered and married in February.

Got Heroin Font

Addiction, rehab and relapse. Brittany overdosed three times, and Ryan overdosed five times. This is your brain on heroin.

Then she heroij send. They had to give each other up.

Brittany stole, too, and had a stint at prostitution. After about four months of dating, one Friday morning Ryan told Brittany he was going down to a park by the Savannah River to think about his life. For the next week, Brittany and Ryan went right back to heroin, right back to cocaine, right back to meth, sometimes all at the same time.

His father, an Army drill sergeant, and his mother, a high school teacher, begged him to go to recovery.

Despite that inauspicious hheroin, and the many years of drug abuse that preceded it, the Colemans want to get out this message: Finding love after heroin. Ryan got arrested 16 times, mostly for stealing so he could get money to buy drugs. There is life and love after drug addiction. Opioids are biggest crisis we face. Surrounded by his sponsor from his recovery group and Brittany's counselors, he got down on his knees -- and apologized.

Police officer's experiment to fight opioid epidemic starts with ditching uniform. But he rebelled and rejected everything his parents stood for.

I don't think that I would have ever imagined that I would be married and happy and just planning a future with another human," she said. They want people in the throes of addiction to see that despite the dire statistics, there can be hope.

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She wrote out a text that she knew she shouldn't send. He was the goot who'd driven to Atlanta to get drugs when they were both working so hard to be clean. Struggling to keep up with overdoses. But instead, he drove two hours to Atlanta to buy heroin and cocaine.

Love and heroin don't mix. How these newlyweds survived a harrowing romance - CNN

Ryan was wracked with guilt. How dangerous is Fentanyl? They told him a herooin program had saved his mother from alcoholism when Ryan was fontt child. Brittany then left Hope House, and the two met up at their recovery group's Thanksgiving dinner.

Ryan visited here there. Brittany called him some choice names, and Ryan shrugged his shoulders and walked off. Fobt New Hampshire's opioid epidemic. Brittany works at a rehab center, helping others overcome their addictions. She struggled emotionally, and at age 14 she started to use marijuana and alcohol so she wouldn't feel the hurt.

They volunteer to help others in recovery and have also spoken at programs that train people how to use Narcan, the drug that saved both of them so many times.

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