Dell inspiron 6000 factory restore disk

Hold down the Ctrl key, press down the F11 key, then release both keys together. Any suggestions, I'm no PC wizard as you can see. I also wish to restore my laptop to factory settings.

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MrrFusion Oct 7, Last edited by a moderator: I copy the network driver to my USB flash drive.

Inspiron 6000 system restore

I've been having problems with my dell and think I need to take it back to basics, the factory settings. No, create an account now. So, I'm not sure if the backup partition is there or not.

BlueTunaFish Oct 14, What Notebook Should I Buy? Log in or Sign up. Rdstore followed your steps and im not quite sure about a couple of things: I did as you said, but I couldn't tell if there were GB free on the end of that bar, I thought maybe it's so tiny I wouldn't see on this GB drive.

It just has a blinking horizontal cursor in the top left corner. And since my answers to both of them neither of them was a definite yes, then what should I do? Yes, my de,l is: When the POST phase starts, you'll see the blue Dell logo, there will be a brief delay, then the "F2" and "F12" prompts will appear in the corner of the screen.

Never look back at any Dell installation disk etc. Tactory Threads - Inspiron system. Any other help or suggestions I can get? Jim McGuireMay 15, It did not work for me.

Inspiron system restore | NotebookReview

For 2I want to say no? Does that mean that I don't have one? Then after the new install of the OS, I install the network driver and get to Dell website to get the rest of the drivers. I use a XP and put the CD in and install.

The telltale sign of the Dell MBR is a black screen with a single blue line at the top, with "www. I tried chatting to Dell Tech Support yesterday, and to no avail other dissk he acknowledged what I had done had not been working.

I also wish to restore my laptop to factory settings. Questions MrrFusionOct 6,in forum: Is there any other way to check? If you see an "unknown" partition of about GB at the end of the disk with no drive letter, that suggests your DSR partition is still there. Windows audio popping and clicking imrazorOct 24, at You must log in or sign up to reply here.

He was going to try to login on my laptop remotely, but we got disconnected in between. I tried a second time today, but it was no use, that support lady treated me as if I had never told her that I had already been restorre everything yesterday, and she said that all the above stuff should not matter, and to just keep trying F Dell Inspiron 15

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