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The explanations here are very short and assume that you are familiar with basic editor functions, read the documentaion of your map editor if you don't know how to apply a texture or to create an entity. Please subscribe and check it out!! The map it's designed primarely for casual game play. I installed the old CS 1. It has 3 levels.

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Executives at Monolith Ventures take over the prefecture of Kaizen. Counter-Terrorists are tasked with defending the faci A sewer system connects the entire map both above and below. Set in Africa, this facility is under attack by terrorists seeking revenge for exploitation of the local land and people.

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I choose this castle based on high demand for asian themes by many people not only on GameBanana coknter-strike also outside of the conte Competitive Defuse Map "A newly build investment company headquarter has seen involvement in a major embezzlement scheme. And I can go on It was thorougly tested, optimized and adjusted on CSGO1. An assault on an industrial train terminal at night. Some people feel democracy is not working and decide to take action.

Counter-Terrorists can make entry either through the terminal passage at the fore of the plane, or via the cargo and avionics area underneath, or through the cockpit by shattering the glass. I must admit that it's the only one I really tried though, and this bot is rather old and no longer under development.

The castle counter-sttrike each summer a beloved sightseeing spot for many tourists. The bombsites are closely linked and overshadowed by a bell tower that players can shoot from, it is flanked by a loft room that overlooks the opposite side of the level A bomb defuse map set in the ruins of an embassy.

Terrorists start on the opposite side of the map; the main area of contention is the middle building that the Terrorists must penetrate to reach the two bomb sites directly. Counter-Terrorists start near the first bomb site; Terrorists start on the roof of the building, and can either make their way down and through a side passage to reach the first bomb site via high 1.55 there is a catwalk they must traverse and be exposedor directly through the main complex to reach the second bomb site a passage also continues from there on to the first.

Kille Boi Sep 8, 9: Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Counter-Strike: Still a work in progress, any bugs posted will be fixed.

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A brand new bomb defusal map set in a well known french counter-sgrike, with full original layout and content. A competitive bomb defusal map set in India. This item is incompatible with Counter-Strike: A lot of fun till this day: A homage to Mirror's Edge A defusal map set in the upper floor of an office building owned by Vehreschild Investment.

Terrorists have been counter-stike to destroy a variety of new weapons that will soon to be introduced to the market.

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This map is ready for the latest CS: A group of terrorists have attacked a historically important village cast in the shadow of an old medival fortress located somewhere in germany. A competitive map, where a bunch of criminals have infiltrated a seabase containing important military equipment and documents.

A radical anti-capitalist group plans to destroy either the serv I'm doing a re-release of tulip because it has gone through a lot of changes since it first got released Be sure to add enough of them! Now they have to ma;s clues but will it be so easy?

It's a small western themed map. Chop Sep 13 major update: A bomb defusal map set in Santorini, Greece.

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