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Please, try again later. Much easier to get into than X, but some might complain that it's a tad simple by comparison. FL does it every well, there are always things going on, busy traders hustling between stations. Besides that the game was still being developed by the original Freelancer creators dipshit.

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Retrieved June 6, I love the music from FL, every fitting to every faction's background. I made the right choice! Besides that the game was still being developed by the original Freelancer creators dipshit. I only played Freelancer for the MP.

This is basically Freelancer 2 :: X Rebirth General Discussions

Learn from it and then move to a v2. Archived from the original on August 24, If there is some way we could get hold of a microsoft employee in the design department to speak to them about continuing to make the game for the The game has an actual living economy and it tracks NPC ships as they move from sector to sector trading and doing whatnot.

FiringSquad said Freelancer ' s multiplayer mode encapsulated the "best and worst of [the game] in a nutshell": Also I'm not really into multiplayer, and all the new ones are multiplayer focused. CagedPitviper CagedPitviper Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable.


Have you played Edge of Chaos? Freelancer ' s planetary bodies and space stations lie close to a freelamcer plane in each system, although some are above or below this plane and ships can travel out of the plane.

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. The discovery mod install has a link to it in their setup forum post.

Archived from the original on November 16, We'll enter the jump gate and fly to what we believe is the Nomad home world. Ever since likeI wanted to make FL2, and I didn't know how to develop games until However nowadays we have something better at least in terms of immersion — Elite: I'm very itchy for a space game that will give me the same joy as Freelancer. Let's not ffreelancer Freelancer 2 please.

freelancer 2?

Your cart is empty. Sadly the game was cancelled for unknown reasons, even if it looked really good.

It seems you gamme Javascript disabled in your Browser. It's too bad the game quickly becomes boring after you complete the storyline, but it is definitely worth your time if you haven't played it.

After the pilot docks with a space station or lands on a planet, the screen and its interface change to a rendition of the area he is visiting.

Thank you so much for the help! Freelancer was the perfect space rpg game and i havent really tried anything like it since.

Freelancer 2 [Xbox - Cancelled] - Unseen64

I have been waiting and waiting for a sequel for years and damn it they need to make one. It's practically the same game with a different story and prettier graphics, which is a great thing in my book.

Zane and Trent flee Liberty space, traveling across approximately half of the Freelancee world in their flight. If you get me a few 3D artists, a sound artist, a composer and perhaps additional programmers I'll make it happen: When I was looking into Star Citizen, i found it insane that they were selling the game so you had to buy a certain ship, with them charging thousands for certain ships.

Player characters who have a bad relationship gxme a faction are attacked on sight by its forces and denied from docking with its stations. And i was so looking foward to it too.

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