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While there is no story to speak of in the single player campaign, it was a good way for players to practice offline. July 24, at 9: Valve is a master at rewarding players for playing the same game over and over again. Condition Zero may be eight years old now but it is a worthy update to the classic multiplayer team shooter, Counter-Strike.

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Mail will not be published required. Condition Zero's graphics may be dated but it doesn't really matter as gameplay holds its own, even today. Pros It has a single and multiplayer campaign Game offers new advanced weapons. This mode is a series that matches against AI using original CS bot for you to try the multiplayer games even offline.

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The game was praised for its AI and new maps, while it was criticized for being out-of-date following its lengthy development. Unravel Two PC Game [v1.

The resulting game is unique among the earlier Counter-Strike properties in that it lets players compete against computer-controlled bots. It initially came with twelve missions, but later Steam updates added six additional missions that were cut from the initial release.

Sakshi Manish June 21, at 3: Standing the test of time Counter-Strike: Today, it is probably most of interest to those looking to delve into the history of this important franchise, since other FPS games overshadow it today in most ways, including with regard to its single-player bot mode, by other versions of the intellectual property.

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Counter Strike Condition Zero PC Game Free Download

July 30, at 3: However, its developer made another version of this incredible game that is Counter-Strike: I am a beginner and new at this. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Chia Yi Wong June 21, at 3: The most recent addition is a tacked-on and pointless ladder mode for playing the current multiplayer game against bots.

Online Online 2 Malvinas. Don't leave without your download! The game was released in using the GoldSrc engine.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Defiance Legacy of Kain: On the installation end, it popped 2 windows, that said: The shootings in Counter-Strike: Deleted Scenes was originally the focus on the game with standard multiplayer included. Moving additional in this game you have new latest character customization condiition along with many new advanced weapon gaming. Download game from link given below.

While Condition Zero won't stand out as a high-water mark of the series, it does actually offer some fairly solid game-play. Archived from the original on June 28, Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

One of the good features in this version is clearly the zeto behavior, although it is not perfect but still, it is remarkably lifelike.

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The sound effects are better than the graphics. There is an option to talk to the people you're playing with so that you can coordinate a bit better.

One of the best things about the Counter-Strike franchise is just how well-balanced gameplay is. Condition Zero is an excellent FPS game with upgraded gameplay experience and better graphics that I think majority of FPS enthusiasts will definitely enjoy it.

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