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This is the demo version of fraps video capture so the video quality is limited. Upgrading from older version: FaithfulBurger Don't trust the milk.

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Download ClearView RC Flight Simulator for a free trial:

Instant Activation Fully enabled Lifetime support and upgrade You will receive an instant e-mail with instructions how to activate the full cleaeview. Now every Sim is different, and add to that subjective opinions. Originally Posted by Scott Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

Please note that HQ models may take longer time to load due to high level of detail and complexity. It feels as though I am flying a heavier balsa model with a Kolm 4 stroke engine. Some flight model refinements. Livermore RC Field was rebuild with a new sky. Network multiplayer revised and improved.

I have the Mustang, haven't tried it yet but am guessing it moves like the Galloping Ghost. The camera follow fixed in the Internet multi play. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. There are some things i lke about clearvidw over realfight basic. From cleagview on new models will use the new flight model. Don't miss this upgrade!

Thank you both for your opinions. Please make sure that you set up and calibrate your controller fligt attempting to fly. Rate gyro support added. Users experienced with CAD or 3d modeling can create new models.

The program used to create models is AC3D. Click here for gguners website ClearView is designed to support easy model exchange and model customisation.

Clearview Flight Sim - HeliFreak

I'm strongly considering just purchasing a license. Flitht see, probably the best park flying field in California. Due to size limitations, and in order to keep the latest models in ClearView stock we reserve the right to add or remove models to the stock ClearView distribution.

Restart the simulator for the new models to show up. Perhaps this is intentional, only I am training for an EPO electric. Keyboard key "c" now switch the camera to the next model - use to follow models in net dim play or when replaying flight patterns. I can say Clearview for Use a real email address or you will not be granted access to the site. Or am I going to put a lot of hours into clearview Many times worth it.

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Auto Pilot for Helicopters and Planes, including pre-defined training modes. Record, replay and share your flights. Navigate Blogs Classifieds Places Search.

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