Five iron frenzy

I remember I was terrified of writing a horrible song. I am the antithesis of Keith and Dennis, I think. Roper also presided over the band Brave Saint Saturn , a studio side-project featuring several other FIF members telling the story of stranded astronauts.

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An extensive oral history of the band straight from the members themselves. I never thought there was "The Man" or the bad guy -- I always recognized that "The Man" is within me.

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I think all of our musical tastes had started to branch out. I think other bands were like, "We just want to play shows and get fie beer" and whatever. I don't remember things being so rough. The concept of Hell was a big thing for me. The project started in as a Five Iron side project and has released three albums. Christian skaska punkalternative rock.

Keith is super organized.

I was maybe 22 at the time, and you're maybe ill equipped to deal with all those emotions. I think irron lot of times he would be, "This song is too long.

To this day, I will swear up and down, Five Minute Walk put their money where their mouth was. A lot of bands break up because they can't pay their bills, and they're not friends, and there's some sort of rift and somebody hates somebody else.

Andy is passionate, and he's also really driven to improve. Five Fvie Frenzy first gained notoriety spearheading the Christian ska movement during the genre's mainstream revival in the mids.

You can be in the same band but have an amazingly different experience. The first show we played as Five Iron Frenzy, we opened for Exhumator.

Five Iron Frenzy

The band developed a cult following among both Christian and secular audiences for their lively and energetic stage shows, which often featured the band performing in outlandish costumes or raising awareness of various social causes and charities. I think that's what ska did for the scene -- [it said] it's okay to be happy; it's okay to celebrate; it's okay to have fun; it's okay to be a dork; it's okay to be a nerd; it's okay to be smart; it's okay to be a band geek.

Obviously, I had gotten way away from Christianity and the church. After an admirable near-decade-long run, the band parted ways with a sold-out final show at the Fillmore Auditorium in Novemberleaving behind a catalog brimming with a distinctive, uniquely wry and absurd humor that can be seen on each of its album and many of its song titles.

It was going to get me out of where I was at and helped turn me around a little bit. We were just like, "I don't think this is what church is about. It never felt like the band was going downhill. He's also really good for comic relief. Who can do this? Jesus was all about fight the system.

Five Iron found this tour was markedly different for the band in terms of frdnzy with both the audience and their tourmates because both of the other participating bands were Christian bands. I want to say this without sounding condescending or insulting at all dive he's always kind of been like the dad. As Five Iron, even if it's just, "This is funny. A website was ifve as well. A few of us kept their jobs going.

Afterwards it just erupted. He definitely cared about people, no matter where you're from or what you'd done in your past. It sounded beautiful, but it wasn't very spiritual.

There were maybe four people there. I think those anarchist ideas really excited me.

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