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The previously revealed out of game community site allowing players to interact, organize and communicate with each other through a regular web browser has been renamed EVE Gate. Adjusted the damage locations on the Naglfar hull. Prevented changing graphics settings during character customization from returning a user to the character selection screen. Here's gameplay of Project Nova, the Eve Online first-person shooter.

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Altered one of the textures used on the Angel Battleship Machariel hull. Fixed an Issue where the space scene would visible instead of the hangar when docked in a Citadel, Refinery or Industrial Array. Fixed an issue which caused the ship HUD to fail to display after being ejected from onlline Upwell structure due to structure explosion, while being in control of the structure.

Fixed the light color emitted by Sleepers when exploding. The window to save a fitting is now being refreshed, when clicking the 'save' button again. Retrieved June 20, Re-sculpting or re-customizing your character will now be reflected instantly in the character sheet and character preview window.

We are making a balance pass on Tech I Frigates, Destroyers, and Cruisersfocused on strengthening less popular ships in each class. Modules Several modules have been modified to be able to fit to the new Gurista capital ships.

This release brings a host of light balance changes, including tweaks to the Damavik based on community feedback, as well as changes to nullification on combat interceptors, and the introduction of the new Zero-Point mass entangler module. CCP released the Incursion expansion in three phases: Retrieved March 13, Only expand solar system ojline once zoomed in beyond a certain threshold.

October Release - EVE Updates

Even if players disband their corporation and start over under a new banner, there's nothing to stop their aggressors from just declaring war on them again. Adjusted the display of firing effects and rocket ptch at wider aspect ratios. All artwork, screenshots, characters, vehicles, storylines, world facts or other recognizable features of the intellectual property relating to these trademarks are likewise the intellectual oline of CCP hf.

And that these bullies were destroying ships for every one that they lost.

Welcome to EVE Updates

Advanced Mass Reactions - Ability to run 1 additional reaction job per level. This means that viewing the show-info window for an unpiloted copy of these ships will display lower values and that the warp speed will turn green when piloted to indicate that a bonus has been applied. The reinforcement stage of a Mobile Depots can no longer be bypassed by applying extremely high damage at once. Visual Fixes Tuesday, October 9, This release will see fixes to a number of graphical issues, including incorrect display of the structure build effect, fixes for occlusion maps on Gallente frigates and tweaks ece several skins and dirt levels.

Patch Notes - Eve-Online FanSite

Changed bookmarks in the new map so they only show at the solar system level, unless you have bookmarked the actual solar system itself then you get a marker for that bookmark. PontifexBifrostStork and Magus Rebalance of neutralizersnosferatuswarp disruption field generators and ECCM Visual effects updates to Cynosaural Field GeneratorsECM and smartbombs Alterations to add fall-off to neutralizersremote repair modulesand energy transfers Visual effects updates to propulsion systems Added missile guidance disruptors Added option for gamma adjustment Added Temporal Anti-Aliasing to improve visual effects performance Visual effects alterations to star fields and nebulae Client stability and performance improvements for mac users New music tracks Increases in grid sizes - dev blog.

Moved all medical clones, which were incorrectly located at Upwell Structures in Wormhole systems, to their school headquarters. A 'Last saved' timestamp has been added in the tooltip for the fit in the Fitting window Fitting: Clicking a location will zoom and pan to it.

They still cannot remove fuel without the appropriate corporate role.

patcn It is now possible to directly create bookmark tokens from corporation bookmarks, without having to first copy the corporation bookmark to a personal bookmark. Corporation fittings will no longer show a delete option for corp members without sufficient roles Fitting Manager. Several modules have been modified to be able to fit to the new Gurista capital ships.

Lowsec stations no longer always show in the Structure Browser when filtered for "Security Office". While the number of affected players is unknown, had specifically asked CCP for assistance.

Warzone Extractions sites have had a hard completion timer added. Corporate insurance is now available in Upwell Structures, and can be done through the normal method Placing a ship in a corp hangar parch using the right click options. Improvements have been made to the appearance of the Seeker Investigation in the Agency.

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