Black ops 2 zombies mod menu xbox 360

Right now, I quit out of a modded FFA game that the host kept ending and restarting. I don't know how much you can sell it for these days, but unless Treyarch comes in and does something it will remain this way. For a more detailed explanation of these rules, please visit our Rules Wiki Page. I'm not inactive, I'm just not active. Moderator actions are not influenced, encouraged, or condoned by Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games or Activision.

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So, what are we paying for again, if these types of rules to keep lobbies hacker free arent enforced by sony and MS to developers? If you can help a pal out and point me in the right directions as in tutorials or advice I'll xblx appreciate it. Tried to return to it days ago, got into a lobby where dude had people spawn in front of him and he aim bots everyoneso map is over in a minute. Are you sure about that? This franchise isn't worth buying in the slightest anymore.

Os I know this isn't microsofts responsibility, or Sony's Or rather, I used to, thanks to how unplayable it's become lately. I just read Activision Support's tweets through last November without any mention of blops2. Sat Apr 15, 4: Hello their lovely strangers. Lye wrote As you might know, due to black ops 2 being backwards compatible you're now able to play with people on the Xbox one therefore allowing Xbox One users to use a mod menu!

Although it's easier to kill the cheater when you're hiding in the grass and he's gunning down your teammates so you can shoot him in the back, but I digress. Part of me wonders if it's any different on the PS3 or PC version. It did solidify one thing for me though, hackers hack because they are shit at the game and it's the only way they'll ever feel like a good player.

This is gonna zombiies with every single cod years after it's life cycle.

Black Ops 2 - (Xbox /Xbox One) Mod Menu Download - The Tech Game

Have you guys experienced something similar? Your own rules state people who do this will be temporarily then permanently banned from the platform.

Have only ever seen hacker lobbies, not like actual hackers in a game so much. Don't expect much unless we get the rare remake in some years. I recently started playing again now that bo2 works on the Xbox One. I could be wrong, but I read somewhere that PC has dedicated servers. This forces you to quit the same match twice, assuming you're quick enough on the draw the second time around to avoid getting "leashed" again.

I'm not inactive, I'm just not active. I gave up on trying to find a match.

MW2 this is a huge problem as well, unfortunately it will most likely never be the same again: Yeah I'm actually considering selling it. Xbox has a responsibility to protect the integrity of the Xbox live network from people exploiting weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Submit a new link. Recently jumped into some sweet BO2 on my and immediately harassed for getting first blood and then DDOS attacked.

And I'm enjoying MW2 more these days: Yeah I was playing it every week or so because i missed it and then like a month ago I got on and every lobby me and my friend got in was modded.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. May 16, 5 Year Member. But when I bitched about it on the xbox one subreddit, I got downvoted for suggesting that the responsibility is also with xbox, since they're still selling the game in their store, despite it's multiplayer currently being broken. It wasn't uncommon to go through periods of a couple hours where 8 or 9 menh of every 10 matches was modded.

Nowadays, I only play the campaign on Veteran: I don't understand the swarm lately.

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