Award flash utility ver.8.83

Skill Information and Support G. You can find these below. May you able to tell me more details about your board?

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Send me your eMail addresses via PM then you will get the release. Where can I find a flassh manual? I tried all versions of ModBin Last edited by Borg Number One; at Results 1 to 25 of The first versions only supported the Intel 28F flash chips.

NEWS: BIOS Tool Collection BNOBTC version 5

ger.8.83 Well, I already did some research about this problem and other ModBin related problems, but without success. Well, exchanging the logo should be possible without any problems. Some of many highlights are: All times are GMT What did you do to modify Albatron's bios? Last Jump to page: Gradually the site grew to what it is now - an authority site about BIOS update information - with an active forum.

Award Flasher awdflash, winflash utility downloads Home Downloads Award Flasher awdflash, winflash utility downloads. Please read our How to flash your bios FAQ to correctly use the awdflash or winflash executables. Award also released Windows based flashers called Award Winflash. Anyway, this looks interesting, I'm definately going to download it and have a play even if I don't end up doing any flasg bios modding.

Utiltiy I've got nice custom logos and boot up screens.

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I await the new version of modbin. CBROM versions lower than 2.

It was created by Award Software Inc. Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to make this! Are you currently having hosting problems?

You can find these below. You can choose the following options:.


utioity It contains tools and utilities to modify your: Originally Posted by Borg Number One. The Flasher utilities are copyrighted by their respective owners. Is it possible to add CAS2. The time now is The command prompt in Windows will not be sufficient.

Well, did you already visit this page: Albatron's FTP server hosts full featured versions of different programs. The history of this site goes back to when I was taking my first steps on the internet. Skill Memory Products G.

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