Angle of attack 737

Apart from the discussion on what triggers each of these indications I especially appreciated the emphasis on the importance of these systems in conjunction with the checklist. Part of the fun is learning it yourself. Also covered along with the various indications are the explanations which take you to the corresponding panels in the cockpit and how these issues are corrected.

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They want your money NOW and they'll give the rest of product later Posted January 22, At this point some may question the relevance of this information but even though we do not use this feature in the simulator, the information is still valuable to anyone who is either a pilot or passenger attavk a real Sign up for a new account in our community.

Want to add to the discussion? I was very impressed when this was discussed and further impressed by Mr. This video was nothing short of mind blowing.

Check out the videos from 'Skysurfer', iirc, if you want to go down the YouTube route. The final part of the video considers Shutdown and Auto Load Shedding. I, however, found this was a practical approach since it allowed for updating and tweaking of training videos based on the response and experiences of the customers.

This donation keeps our doors open atatck providing you service 24 x 7 x Sign In Sign Up. But then again, they have different purposes.

I have watched it numerous times. Knowing this information can truly open your eyes as to the complications you have to consider when operating the APU in attsck and is invaluable to safely operating the NGX in adverse conditions where the APU may be required.

I previously bought the MD training but at a time it was finished.

It also give you a greater opportunity to benefit from the product since you take your time to get acquainted with the training released and are not tempted to jump ahead. This gives you an optimum lift coefficient of 0. But like others before have mentioned, he isn't gaining speed. Hydraulic systems can be very complicated but AOA went to great strides to ensure that the information was presented in a manner which can be easily understood.

Flaps and slats aid in slowing down an aircraft and learning how they work will help you to become a more proficient NGX pilot.

Register a new account. If I needed to provide other elements, I could obtain the answer myself, in theory.

Angle of Attack NGX Training - Part 1 - AVSIM Reviews - The AVSIM Community

If we look at the midspan airfoil of thethis angle of attack is around 2. That's the training, which did indeed include all those procedures, pf the training lacks.

Og just realized I have now probably blown my chances Line Work covers all of the various flows that you, as a virtual airline pilot, would be expected to perform during various phases of your flight.

Each mode attwck presented via an animated diagram which I found useful to help understand them and I am sure you will too. Keep in mind that this lesson is nearly 40 minutes long and is quite intense but not as difficult as the Hydraulic lesson mentioned before. It starts off with an overview of the principles behind Hydraulics and a presentation which covers an overview of the hydraulic systems.

I have paid out for their full service and got very little back - their website is unclear to say the least! While on the topic of oxygen we also cover the passenger oxygen system and its location, controls if indications and its activation.


Thankful AOA does a fine job in thoroughly explaining how a stall occurs and they also provide some in-depth information on the stick shaker and how it is triggered.

It not only irks me that this comparison goes on, but this ever growing arrogance that the uninformed have the driving power because of their ability to 7377 judgement on a product and that they "speak with their wallets".

It is safe to assume that it is attqck at higher angles of attack than the optimum for best range. Already have an account? Sign up using Email and Password.

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