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When you use English in real life situations, you will of course be face-to-face with other English speakers. Prepare for any kind of interview conducted in English and gain confidence. English reading and writing lessons offer a structured approach. How can you find native English speakers to talk with? English Listening Lessons Improve your listening skills with fun questions and answers.

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Moments like these are the perfect time to squeeze in some studying to help you reach fluency faster.

Each week, there will be a eassy lesson with video showing the lives of young Americans. Environment shapes ants 'personality': ReadTheory is a reading comprehension website for upper beginners and higher.

The jump in popularity of Thai as a foreign language has led to an explosion of fun games and exercise ideas on the web to help hone your Thai skills.

Start by reading the Instructions. Here are my top 10 free English courses, plus a few bonus courses! Not all of the episodes are free, but all are excellent, and there are several free lessons at each level.

If you don't have regular connection to the internet, you really need this. There are hundreds of videos about every aspect aaudio the English language.

10+ Free Online English Language Lessons

So, I asked on Facebook about which of the four essential language skills you most struggle with: Put the mouse cursor on the link for the file to be downloaded. Keep checking back every week for new episodes. Text pdf Engilsh English We Speak: Do you like to mix things up? Last updated at The course continues for 52 weeks.


Creating an italki account and finding language partners is completely free. Check eqsy Benny's Tips for Learning However, even this vocabulary will be relevant to many English learners, not just those in the US. The URL has been copied to your clipboard No media source currently available. Here is a small sample of some of the better podcasts for teaching English as a foreign language. Download the worksheet to learn the alphabet and numbers.

How to download Put the mouse cursor on the link for the file to be downloaded. Duolingo has many more courses in the works for speakers of other languages who want to learn English, so check their website often for release dates.

When right-clicking the 'Save target as Words K mp3 Words in the Audil Then you can search for English speakers whose target language is your native language. Words in the News: Find English speakers who want to learn your language, then offer a language exchange.

Improve your English speaking faster by understanding these important rules. There are also printable worksheets, assessments and lesson plans for individual learners and English teachers.

10+ Free Online English Language Lessons

Here is an example:. Watch the video to learn about how the sounds change.

Walk or cycle for 'a happier commute':

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