Counter-strike 1.6 aimbot

This will make auto-watch check a players performance statistics at each interval instead of at round-end. Set to 2 to disable auto-watch totally if any admins are on the server. Protection from change and substitution game files. Now, if the "watched" player aims up at the bot and shoots it, you can suspect that he might use an aimbot. This replaced the need to have a for-loop throughout the code whenever a notify was needed.

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Find More Posts by Bugsy. Per bug report from WildSoft, this was causing a bug in WC3FT-mod servers because players explode; this explosion was killing the bot and registering it as a aimbot detection.

Send a private message to FakeNick.

ABSHack performed over the average in every single benchmark we tested it 16., all the features executed flawlessly and the account testing ABSHack was still fine after a week of solid testing, all other aimbots got the account banned within a few days meaning that THIS aimbot was something special indeed. Knives and grenades still did work. Occasionally the bots name was showing when being aimed at.

Aimbot CS 1.6

Thanks to owyn for his reports and stupok for the angle calculation code. This function now handles all types of notification. This method is new and still experimental. Get Plugin or Get Source aimbotdetect.

Send a private message to ConnorMcLeod.

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This will make auto-watch check a players performance statistics at each interval instead of at round-end. This allows accurate functionality on a server with any number of players. If no watchable players are found in the passed-watch players, we then check players that have previously passed a watch. To make it think like it's still alive?

Set to 2 to disable auto-watch totally if any admins are on the server. Now, when the "watched" player kills someone, an invisible bot is immediately placed above the dead player.

Thanks again to xor for his report. Aaah, so legitimate players won't see the invisible bot that is placed right after they make a kill while players that cheat will still see the err invisible player? The inflictor variable was functioning correctly because if the carrier of the weapon inflictor is the attacker, inflictor returns the player id of attacker. Send a private message to Brad. This ratio was always being returned true because usage of float was incorrect.

Send a private message to Toster v2. Last edited by Brad; at You do NOT need to have any 3rd party bots installed on your server to run this plugin.

If you have any issues please post to aibmot forum. Now only the aiming angle is checked from the watched player to the location where the bot will be spawned. Send a private message to stupok. Find More Posts by stupok. Be sure to also download the config file as new cvars are commonly added with each release.

Once the player is being watched, the bot will be spawned above each of his victims until he either passes all checks or is detected. This new method will spawn the detection bot and check if the watched player is aiming at the bot every 0.

Set to 1 to skip admins. A detection will result if the watched player aimed at the detection bot for all checks. When applying an auto watch, we first check players that have cointer-strike yet passed a watch session. When the watched player gets a kill, the bot gets spawned high above the victims head.

Since the bot is on the server for such a short period of time, it really doesn't need a realistic name.

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