Arashi truth pv

Takaki was ecstatic when Chinen had asked if he wanted to come over to his house. Are you planning to make me fail at my exams!!!! But glad you thought so though I still think I fail Thank you so much for reading and commenting!!!

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And yush I counted.

Arashi - Truth (subb JP & FR) on Vimeo

Log in No account? The rest of HSJ, prepared for the worst. Everyone must learn about Youtube! The latter stared back, confused.

XP Okay besides Takaki. Chinen flailed and bounced every time that Ohno-kun popped up. I'm glad you thought so! Chinen plopped down while Keito sat down uncomfortably. Takaki leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips. It happened so many times that Yuto got annoyed. Is it bothering you? His boyfriend was flailing too much over another guy.

Are you planning to make me fail at my exams!!!! The other fanfic to my Birthday Fanfic-thon. Glad you love this!!! Though my fanfics aren't that great So click on one of them and wait for it to load so it should start playing soon.

Arashi Truth

Arazhi you for reading and commenting! Apparently someone had to say something or else the little boy would annoy them all day long and they remembered the last time they tried to ignore him.

Being Chinen's boyfriend ish hard. How many times have you watched it? I bet tons of people already uploaded the PV there.

I gave up using that button and stuck to html. It was his job to not let that happen. XP I didn't write that many did I? Hehe glad you thought it was cute! XDDD Which fangirl doesn't use that? And what shall I call you?

How could he not be jealous? Thank you so much for reading and commenting!!!

I seriously had to hold arashj breath from laughing so much or else my mom would come and I'd be busted for not sleeping. Thanks for disturbing me. I love the Yuto part because Yuto is so sweet and knowledgeable. I think I also heard a piano playing.

He felt Chinen tense up and then relax.

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