13 card indian rummy game

The developers did not do much home work. If 10 is an open wild card, then all the 10s of all suits are jokers. Anyways we cannot have a set with more than four cards since we have only four suits. For the next hand the turn to deal passes to the right, and this continues until everyone has dealt once, completing a "round". The update will be uploaded to the app store today, and should be available for download in about a week after App Store approval.

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The Object of the Game.

Indian Rummy

If a player declares Rummy after picking a card for his first turn, any other players cafd have not yet had an opportunity to pack or pick a card pay for their unmatched cards at half rate - that is the total value of their cards that are not in valid combinations is divided by two.

In this case in the 2-deck game there is just one joker available for use as a wild carv. Reward Table Position No.

July 16, at 6: Is playing online rummy legal? I have lost a couple of good games for this reason.

If already enabled then please wait till we fetch your location. Play even when you are offline! Subhash, There is a card placed face up under the stock pile so that it is visible. April 17, at Saurab wer r u??

How To Play Indian Rummy 13 Card Game Rules | ClassicRummy

You reserved your share in Rs. October 4, at Normally, for any question, please write to support octro.

As many as 10 people can play this game: Runs and sets The objective is to form one's 13 cards into sequences runs and sets ijdian known as trails or trios.

Here are the details: If the hand contains a second run second life as well as a straight run, cards in these runs and any additional runs and trails sets are not counted. September 3, at A run or sequence consists of three or more consecutive cards of the same suitthe order being AJ-Q-K-A. What is Rummy and how to play this game? So A is not a joker. Over 10 thousands users login and play at a fard, and they are not facing any such problem. After the SHOW, the xard should combine the 13 cards into sets and put it before the rest of the playing group for validation.

Some times it will be less than 80 if we get low face numbers. The combination of luck and skill makes the game entertaining. In India playing rummy online is legal. However, the player has to ensure that he has a sequence without a Joker card to be eligible to use the Joker as stated above.


In a sequence or a set any wild card can be used as a substitute for the missing card. Even if there are free jokers and the rest of carrd cards form runs and sets as required, the declare is valid.

If a second 9 or a 9 or a 6 is added, the six cards form a run and a set.

I wanted inidan see your app as a fully valid app hope u will work on that. June 2, at 2: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thanks for your feedback.

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