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Works fine with a low load of your system and when a new version is released the software warns you. I, like many others, appreciate that you provide them free and with annoying ads etc. Better look now really like the new look, especially when monitoring several drives very nice! The historigraph, itself, is autoranging by default, which probably is right for most users, but a fixed-range setting is also available. These gadgets are one of the best utilities for any computer nerd.

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Drive Info Gadget for Windows 7/8/10 -

I also like the ability to change the display colors on the gadgets. I have been looking for the next revision to include it.

These are all VERY useful. The drives, cpu, gpu and network meter has been the most important part of my desktops for years now.

Very good This is great just like the other droveinfo, but I wish it could read all six of my drives instead of just four. Having monitored all for as long as I have I can tell if Diskeeper is active, when anything is going on line, such as the Weather Channel gadget and much more. I really wanted this!

Recommend and will make donation after evaluating 6 months. Gives an great overview and works perfectly.

Drive Info 2

Thank you love this stuff Bill Braski Oct 6: Roger Fransson May 5: Sarmed Rahman Jun Let me say from the outset that I think all your gadgets are top of the line. Most useful gadgets Oh my. Usually firewall and anitviral stuff is running at that time so it shows you when you can expect to have full real time control of your computer.

Drives Meter I'm from Germany Munich.

Great gadget Wow I think they all work pretty good. Drives Meter Version 4. It nicely monitors hard-disc usage, displaying it on a two-minute historigraph, updated each second. The absolute best gadgets out there!

Terry Horton Oct 4: When it comes to hard drives what I want to see most is activity. Thank you very much for that.

Drives Meter Version 4.3

More important I can tell when something is running that shouldn't be, after checking to see just what is accessing my HD and the internet. Cool with a low load I'm using the gadgets for a good time, more then a year. Flyout features can be shown by clicking on the icon or title to display the following information: They all contain an amazing amount of information. Your meters are the most useful gadgets gavget the whole world!

Still, it and the Network Meter are just the things for someone who desires to drieinfo just what's going on inside that box, and drive details are available by clicking the title.

Sushi's Driveinfo - Windows 7 Desktop Gadget

Great app on startup This app is great to observe what is going on during startup with drive access. What would be better for me would be if there was an option to show "Less" information.

Unfortunately, the fixed-range setting is ineffective, and the Gadget auto-ranges even with a fixed-range setting. Keep up the great work: Hope to see it! Windows winrows Gadgets A lot of useful information in a small footprint! Always you make a great work!

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