Bhai sewa singh tarmala

His style of Sikhi is a very troubling trend. Two decades ago, he used to be police constable under Sr. Sign up for a new account in our community. His Naam abhyaas helped him endure the difficult times during police detention, and was eventually imprisoned in Tihar Prison during the same time Jathedar Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji was serving time there.

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Is Sewa Singh Tarmala A Pakhandi? - General Discussion - SikhAwareness Forum

Gumukh hova kaya khoje, hore sub bharm doubt bholai Please accept my humble request and try it. I don't know much else about this group. Thanks for reading it. Having done a quick search it looks like this topic has been discussed here by people who attend a UK Gurdwara in Swindon run by Ajit Singh, who is affiliated with pmkc and by others who have been and describe what they viewed.

But if that is correct one bit, then i don't think that can be right, our whole life given by Guru Sahib is a course, you do bhagtee to pass this course, you can't just set a timeframe and say that you will achieve this in this many years, even if they do the max amount of bhagtee, what if Guru Sahib decides otherwise.

Having heard a lot of negative things about Tarmala, I hastily confirmed the footage to be a publicity stunt but seeing so many Singhs and Bibiaa wearing baana was a good sight nonetheless.

Rest, if they are reciting and chanting Naam, they are praiseworthy but they should stay within the Panth. Also, he recently organized a conference where they passed a metta which said all of dasam granth is not of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, thats including jaap sahib, chaupai sahib ardas and that these banis should not be read.

He needs to be requested to kindly stop that show.

For the remainder of his imprisonment, he was boycotted by the Singhs bhaai left to himself, and became a loner until his release.

The certificate they give is to the people who have complete the 1 or 4 year course, its not a degree that says your a brahmgiani. Sewa singh died in Many of his followers who are Amritdharis do not believe Nitnem is important, they state that they only need to Jaap Naam and noting else.

They believe one should have a certain level of kamiyee and reached singj certain avasta before you should present yourself to take amrit. General Discussion Search In.

Maha Papi Jio - Do they discuss these actions? We swa imitate Guru Sahibaan and Bhagat Sahibaan. Actually one month is just for Bhai ji i hope this has cleared your doubts you can find many videos of bhai sewa singh ji on youtube. All this did not seem like Gurmat. This is for all human race, does not matter what color, caste, religion, country, one belongs to.

Daas thinks most of his Gurmat Vichar is very similar to Jatha with some exceptions. Posted August 11, Newer Topic Older Topic.

Do they not say that one doesn't need to take Amrit from Panj Pyare to learn naam abhiyaas? Posted April 7, Veer Ji, I have seen that video too. Do sewa and simran and get the barahm-gian, follow thoroughly.

Bhai Sewa SIngh Ji Tamrala

But to put it simply they have a 1 year naam abhyaas course where you probably stay there and do a serious about amount of daily naam abhyaas under their guidance. Sewa Singh Tarmala is a very dangerous man and will tar,ala a lot of damage to Sikhi one day. Posted October 23, edited.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. At least take a month's tar,ala.

Manas ki jatt subhe eko pehchanbo. GurSikhs need to be vigilant of this group's activities. Sign In Sign Up. Posted October 15,

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