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Garena Team has already fixed this trick. So you can either thank or blame Dyrus for that one, depending on how you feel about it. I recently changed my name to "Great Dude" for this very reason. Sorry for huge run on sentence I've never been good at sentence structuring. To learn more about these name sweeps, check out our Summoner Name Clean Up article.

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Best name I saw was Himself Somehow. The connection was reset - says the provided link http: They are not alone! What will happen to my friends list?

How can i change my LoL name? - League of Legends Community

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They just didnt reference it with eachother because the other dude didnt actually know about the reference. Originally I hated it, but not I think it's quite hilarious and it is something I will never forget.

D i am successfully rename few times: Next day he realized he still had numbers in his name. Best name change, ever.

Rename Your Garena Account Free | Dota-Utilities

Do you mean that's what inspired Lustboy? How to login on www.

Since we're swapping namechange stories While I hate the name and hate the fact he baited me into doing it, I actually found it quite amusing haha. People actually reported the old name of my smurf for inappropriate name on a regular basis, no kidding. Please note that any names deemed offensive will be altered by Player Support without refund. So, I changed it to BumRekt to keep with my sodomy theme of names.

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My xbox gamertag was don't play anymore b1ind jew I wear glasses. Garena's website hosts and promotes a number of global games.

Now I just have Polish people spamming me every game I'm with them. He had a stupid name with 4 numbers and wanted to change it to something cool and no numbers Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I even have a rioter who i talk to.

Read the update above. Log in or sign up in seconds. The second method is buying 2 separate bundles which will earn you RP and assuming you still have the RP you were given at reaching level 5 you will have enough RP to change your summoner name and you will save up 2.

I'll realy try this one. Oops my name is actually: Trued to clarify because some people are interpreting this post as me asking for free stuff.

Cant login on any servers but i change it na: No I do not. What do you guys think? My name was NaturesEnd. It now says 'rip'. This is the name that you will be known by on screen and on your friends' buddy lists. I never want to lose this name.

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