Evanescence cloud nine

Its either you or nothing for me. I think cloud nine is a comfort that's all If in at least a dream can they be together and that would change her mind. Thank you so much. Thus, all is lost.

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I appreciated all of the interpretations here but I have to say one thingAmy herself said this song was written about her marriage!

Evanescence - Cloud Nine Lyrics | SongMeanings

Sleeping Dreaming ninr Dreams [suggest]. Anyway, I've been thinking about when she says, save my life change my mind is it just me, or does that sound suicidal?

General Comment I honestly thing this song is about giving up beliefs about God. Creating a place to fit in, even if it is inevitably in the dark facing life alone.

She realizes the mania is a lie, but the feeling is addictive. I think maybe she's saying to someone that if they want the relationship to work, then they need to commit. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only.

Cloud Nine song meanings.

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I shall die happy. I was struggling with a relationship and felt like a waste of space.

The surrender part sort of puzzles me, so if anyone has ideas There are a lot of relationship struggles on the record. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Cloud nine is the title of this just like katy perry's new song says falling from cloud nine I'd like to say its about God but I know people are sick of hearing that.

Chocolate 1 2 3 4 5. I am so scared to make a plunge and jut give this my all cause I am scared to fall and have "all" be "lost". Lord knows if that made sense or if it is even correct but that's that i think.

Save my life, change my mind" about the fact that the relationship isn't working in real life, but she still dreams about it being story book perfect. She starts to believe she was destined to not gain her desires.

If sleeping is what this song is all about, then the name ties extremely well, and it should be what the song is about. Why not add your own? No matter how much love I show. It's the most lonely feeling because you realize at some point that the truth gets swallowed up in the mania and depression.

I'm surprised nobody has thought of this song as another song about sleeping to get away from the real world. Nothing will work out.

Login with Facebook Error: Evanescence — Cloud Nine. I have Bipolar myself so this song speaks so much to me. General Comment yes the album is different If in at least a dream can they be together and that would change her mind.

I always write about what I was feeling, because then it's genuine. Everytime I feel like I've meet someone who belongs with me, I feel like they're the only one, and if they turn me down, then I feel like I was meant to be alone.

If I fall and all is lost, It's where I belong. This is my favourite song off the album, please don't yell at me if you don't agree with my interpretation xd.

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