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Particularly the document reader and flash card system are my most frequently used add-ons. This Pleco feature is free for Android users. There is also a dictionary called LianghaoCidian, but it only allows lookup using radicals from the number of strokes in the radical For the IME, there is one from HTC. Already have an account? A minor update to tide everyone over since our larger, new-iOS-feature-centric update is taking longer than anticipated.

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Hear Mandarin and Cantonese pronunciations for words and example sentences using iOS' free built-in text-to-speech system. Intermediate Chinese Level Primarily a self-studied learner with the great help of podcasts and apps like Pleco! Now, with the advent of technology, looking up a Chinese character or word has never been easier. For more info, check out shanghaisocial.

A note on reviews: HanziCraft will also provide example phrases and uses of the character, in both traditional and simplified Chinese. Xndroid HTC one might be better but it's not working on Android 1.

Finally, we've turned "focus" into "lock focus," since we've found some users have trouble with the autofocus constantly trying to re-focus as they look at the same piece of dictionray. I was thinking that the best think to do was to plug one to Android, somehow, but there isn't even one free implementation of any algorithm that I could find. The translation will automatically pop up.

Key Features

Technology has made Chinese dictionaries tremendously more accessible and has helped a lot to provide everyone with dictionaries for free. Basically Peraperakun andrid Android.

Engljsh is also endorsed by polyglot Benny Lewis, founder of the largest language blog, Fluent in 3 monthswho used it constantly during his trip to Taiwan. Chinese Pop-up dictionaries are usually plugins or extensions you add to your browser. Best english-chinese dictionary for Google Android? One is from ChinesePod. I've just started looking into developing a simple dictionary app - should be done in the not-too-distant future.

Top 5 Chinese Dictionary Apps

HanziCraft is a great resource for those englosh you interested in the specific breakdown of radicals and strokes in Chinese characters. The advantage of this one is that you can also reverse-lookup Chinese. Sign in Already have an account? Thanks for the heads up. There is also a dictionary called LianghaoCidian, but it only allows dictkonary using radicals from the number of strokes in the radical For the IME, there is one from HTC.

The Best Free Chinese Dictionaries For Learners - Ninchanese

We're now knee deep in our long-awaited Big Flashcard Revamp, which we hope to have out in dctionary major update Pleco 4. Compatibility Requires iOS 9.

Everything that has been added since is bonus — the reader, the etymology, the flashcards. We hope that was helpful, and that you use these resources to supplement your Chinese learning! Can get it from the Android Market or here.

What are you going to do? Updated May 10, When you read a text, it finds complex compounds that you would never think to look up in a bigger dictionary. Newish things to take a look at: All you have to do now is to choose the method you prefer to decipher Chinese characters englksh words and bury your Mandarin paper dictionary for good! YouDao is the Merriam-Websters of Chinese dictionaries.

Which of these do you use the most and why? There are some oddities though.

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