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Yes, though anticipated sales surely plays the biggest part. I'd certainly buy a new Medieval or Empire. In the maximum difficulty setting, the AI will effectively manage a 40 units army in real time with a strategy in mind.

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The AI diplomats might offer silly trade sometimes the ottomans wanted to trade Armenia for Milanbut sometimes, they will offer very balanced and useful trade, Spain sold me Gibraltar for a cheap technology in order to have a buffer zone between him and the russians in Morocco whom they were at war against. Submit a new text post. Find More Posts by Oberon. Naval battles are a blast and highly enjoyable, but unfortunately can be extremely slow to start. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Contents 1 Two Different Darth Mods 1. That sets it to manual mode IIRC. Wait until they have been affected by morale reducing attacks then charge the flanks for an early rout! Can't wait to conquer the world as Britain, Prussia, and France.

What DarthMod also features is more men per unit which ranges all the way upto more cannons per unit to the amount of men in a unit. Increased Range on Muskets: I've played a campaign with France that took me 62 hours to complete, here's my feedback. Moghul soldiers, and another 14 men strong army dar Maratha was waiting behind them. Please advise on how to fix this.

DarthMod Empire for Empire: Total War

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Saved me a bucket of time and hassle, and it's much appreciated. You may also like. Empire How good is empire total war with darthmod? After playing Darthmod I can't stand Vanilla Empire. Total War mod Released Find all download mirrors here: Also because you have more men in a unit it changes the way you have to maneuver your units to the terrain, you can aswell increase the line or make it deeper with more men giving you more options on the battlefield.

Did you open it via the Darthmod menu option rather than via steam or the traditional. Now I got a question, would you know how to download the extra units for spain.

Rome was my first TW game, and I liked it. This essentially sets TW in the Darthmod state. Post your strategies, thoughts, links and reviews here. It seeks to overhaul the minor factions making them more fun to play or enabling the player Campaign AI Is Smarter: You can find his standalone mod here: Retrieved from " http: They also make sensible use of navies and armies. It won't work if you don't start Steam before opening the Darthmod launcher.

Canada added mini mod Empire:

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