Dd-wrt v24-sp2 vpn

Set the Advanced Options to Enabled. Just copied and pasted the script into my router using the dd-wrt openvpn edition and it works flawlessly. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me.

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Here is an old thread with loads of details on them, and other routers. And thank you for sharing the solution with cd-wrt rest of us.

DD-WRT v24-sp2 VPN - GUI settings don't match setup guide

Menu Private Internet Access. I assume the instructions were written for a build of DD-WRT that has different features than mine, but I was hoping someone might have an older guide for getting my version to work. I am sure it will help another with a similar problem. We can find a solution.

And if not, the Asus AC68 series routers are the best for the price. May edited May Ed-wrt Playing with it can often show you what was wrong much easier than finding instructions that perfectly match your exact model router and firmware. Disregard the steps that seem different until something actually fails to work.

DD-WRT OpenVPN Setup Tutorial

Copy and paste the entire thing into the CA Cert field you see in your screenshot of your router. For those of you who want a really braindead-simple solution and don't want to deal with big scripts in your vpm, this holds a copy of a stable PIA config in NVRAM and will persist across reboots.

I'm specifically asking about the following steps in the setup guide, which I do not appear to have settings for in DD-WRT build vsp2 9.

Post edited by CTA on May Do not hesitate to keep asking if something does not work. Including a screenshot of what my OpenVPN options are. You will not see any of the settings on the WebUI side, so don't really trust that for confirmation, but after waiting 2 minutes the VPN connection becomes active - I could see that I was VPNd by confirming it with other websites and services.

And since you use portit will be Blowfish CBC anyway. I am glad to hear it is working for you.

Set the Advanced Options to Enabled. Download this and unzip it. Just wanted to say thank you for this information and helpful post on this topic!

Waiting two minutes or longer resulted in the inability to get any WAN traffic whatsoever. Failing that, what router can I purchase that will absolutely work as directed based on the instructions from the Client Support section? Upon rebooting the router, I simply cannot communicate over the WAN.

Set NAT to Enable. Just copied and pasted the script into my router using the dd-wrt openvpn edition and it works flawlessly. As for the NAT, I see no option for that in your screenshot, but if v24-s2p add the certificate, I bet it will start right up without any problem.

In the Additional Config enter the following. Thanks for posting this.

DD-WRT vsp2 VPN - GUI settings don't match setup guide - PIA

I am not looking to purchase one from FlashRouters because they cost roughly double what Amazon is charging for the same models. Being a bit of a newbie, and similar to the last poster, I was just wondering how one takes the VPN down and brings it back up manually. I really wish support had this information more handy.

You can flash Merlin firmware on them to make them even better and easier to v24-wp2. Sign In or Register to comment. Thanks Omni - I'm not dd-wrrt at the point of adding the certs yet. Just an FYI to others using it.

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