Counter strike pool day map

Our mission is to support the gaming community with a fast and reliable download site. Copyright , Innova Media Privacy Policy. You've been playing in pubs my friend May 8, Messages: IE snipe, since CS is such a sniper friendly map.

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fy_pool_day | Counter-Strike Maps

War in a campus hall. A Switchable version has been published here: Maintain control of the warehouse and guard the Team members must defuse any bombs that threaten the target area. You wtrike holding political hostages in Habana Vieja, awaiting a chopper lift which will arrive to evacuate you immediately after the rou Prevent Terrorists from bombing explosive crates.

There's not much 'strategy' in it, which is why it's a good game to just sit down and relax with. As with all official maps, Valve updated the visuals and tweaked the gameplay for better competitive play. Mostly it's either n00bs running around shooting everything they see and 'vets' who pick one thing to do on each map and do it again and again and again and again.

No reason to kill on the time honored frag fest. Combat Carnage Beta Client.

fy_pool_day (Counter-Strike) - GameMaps

Design based on the Main Hall of Universiti Teknologi You need to sign in or create an account to do that. The map took more than 15 hours to compile, so am afraid that I can't fix any problem if it exists since I can't wait RedneckFeb 23, Aug 14, Messages: That's quite interesting to know, such a wasted opportunity due to bad timing.

See all collections some may be hidden. Welcome to FilePlanet, the leading online destination for Counter-Strike: There are 2 Bomb Sites in the map.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - save file.

May 8, Messages: HE grenade at the middle of map. There are 2 bomb sites in Thanks for using FilePlanet!


Related Downloads 1 - Counter-Strike: Jul 2, Messages: Plant the c4 inside the airstrip compound and destroy the fuel and cargo areas. Description Discussions 9 Comments Change Notes.

RedneckFeb 24, Dec 5, Messages: Make stgike cookies for this site are not blocked by your browser or a firewall. Once the police had reason to believe the threat was real they evacuated Bernardigio Nuccio's family from his residence which was located above his Italian restaurant. Download and play the cu If you believe your couner has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.

The FBI has been informed of a possible strike against the mafia family leade

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