Billy talent river below

Chorus is the culmination, he's so mentally destroyed, that he decides to avenge himself - to kill the people who caused this. I looked this up and well here is a link to the page i found atomicmuseum. In the original video, the bomb blows up showing an explosion, consuming the man and Billy Talent.

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They are pointing out the the atomic bomb was kinda a bad ideaas well as relating it to a bi-polar person and the loss of control that occurs when they go off.

He was lonely his whole life. My Interpretation I believe the song is comparing, The taldnt of a bi-polar person, to an atomic bomb on a timer.

In the MuchMusic edition, the bomb blows and there is a larger, more graphically visual, explosion. I've just wanted to say sorry for misaking the lyrics on previous SotW. This is really disturbing, honestly. Login with Facebook Error: While watching the television he sees bombs falling. Live from the UK Sept.

It also placed 15 in MuchMusic's " Best Videos". Languages Eesti Edit links.

River Below

Billy Talent are shown playing in a garage in the house across the road from the man's, which appears to be cast somewhere around the s, demonstrable by the clothing and technology; such as black and white television and the style of decor. BillyTalent subscribe unsubscribe 1, readers 7 users here now Anything related to the Canadian band Billy Talent.

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No Replies Beolw in to reply. More Billy Talent Lyrics. General Comment This song is about a person who gets frustrated in life and starts building a bomb. In the original video, the bomb blows up showing an explosion, consuming the man and Billy Talent.

Song of the Week: River Below : BillyTalent

Into the river below I'll go with the bones, because you cant really hear "-p" sound there and it makes more sense in the context - the narrator is a cotraption Changed to "made up of".

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But he will beolw the revenge, he'll "burn the family tree". After the bridge, chorus repeats, but now he speaks a lot more about being famous. River Below is found on the album Billy Talent.

Billy Talent - River Below Lyrics | SongMeanings

Post-hardcorepunk rockpop punk. Wikipedia's Billy Talent Entry. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Retrieved from " https: Log in or sign up in seconds. What's your opinion on this song? Second rivr is his description of the bomb and his dreams about it.

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