Ace points machine embroidery designs

Designed for consistent feeding with fabrics such as leather, vinyl and other novelty fabrics. Its back and small needle opening are designed to give the right pressure to fabrics. Brother offers several Walking feet which differ in the size of the feed dog, shank height etc. The scale on the presser foot can be used for perfect topstitching on both staight and curved lines. The foot creates dimensional threads loops on the top surface of the fabric.

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Please check your manual or the machine listings on this web site to find the correct walking foot to fit your machine. The embroidery card reader connects to the Innvov-is I e to embrpidery the use of Brother embroidery cards.

Guideline laser marker Follow the laser guideline to sew in a straight line. Resume function If the power should be interrupted, the Innov-is V7 will return to the exact stitch it stopped at and will continue to embroider from there. Simply use the touch screen to edit your embroidety.

Ace Points Embroidery

Basting function Prevents shrinkage and misalignment of embroidery designs. When your pattern asks for a particular colour acd, just select the name of your manufacturer's thread from the information displayed on the screen and the corresponding colour will be displayed.

Decorative stitches Includes a range of large decorative stitches that are ideal for home decoration, garment embellishment, quilting projects, etc. Ideal for working on larger projects such as quilts. Straight Stitch Foot 7mm. Brother's built-in colour charts clearly label the colours in your pattern with numbers that correspond to your spools, making thread selection easy. A super-fast sewing speed means that you can complete projects quickly embroiddery move onto the next one.

Creates the perfect cut edge like an overlock or serger. Direct dual drive Smoothly feeds slippy fabrics, and multi-layered projects. This foot works with zigzag or decorative stitch mode.

The textured rollers on the foot provide pressure for fabrics between foot and feed dogs so that users can sew various slippery fabrics easily and smoothly. Straight stitch ade and needle plate for perfect straight stitching. Eco mode Automatically switches the machine into sleep mode, to save energy. For shell effect when hemming in zigzag stitch. Allows you to install concealed zippers easily.

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Use it to sew parallel rows at preset even intervals. Non Stick Foot horizontal. Get more versatility from your machine with new hoop and design options. Compatible with all home sewing machines Model number: Expand your embroidery area with the included extra large mm x mm 12"x8" embroidery hoop, and create deesigns flawless square designs with the included mm x mm 8"x8" square embroidery hoop.

Adjustable for positioning the presser foot on either the left or right side of the needle. This foot is also handy for sewing fabric edges with a fixed seam allowance.

This zigzag foot is equipped with a featuture that keeps the foot level when sewing thick seems.

Innov-is V7

With a tape guide, this makes attractive binding similar to pre-folded or unfolded bias tape. Walking Foot 7mm Horizontal. Ideal for securing edges of applique, Sewing curves, topstitching etc.

Handy for use when sewing special fabric edges like frills. This foot makes it easy to attach zippers or piping. You'll never have to search for the right colour again. Stitch over all cords.

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