Dc tool dragon city

You can change dragon name with space. Keep showing Session Id was changed. Now you can let this tool collect Gold automatically.

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Just click Get then login to your game to claim reward.

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Account was block 30 minutes. I will release collect Food in next release. With this new method, you can get FacebookId and SessionId easy more than ever. This is beta, may be it doesn't work stable. Then if you dont like new design you can rollback ddc your old saved map.

Dragon City Tool - Ha-Lab

Keep showing Session Id was changed. You can fight any persons you want in your boards. Thanks for everyone who donated to me.

Server Get Back Online after 10 hours down for moving to good server. This feature will help you open a bulk of chests in your store.

Showing Account was blocked 30 minutes but it doesnt Date: From now who use Desktop game or mobile game Dragon City can create Token link. Fixed some user can't move dragon. drqgon

Developed by nhattuanbl

You can join and win any Tournaments you want. If you couldn't link device please start over rdagon Date: It will be almost 45 seconds - 1 minute for 1M Gold. Thanks to all who donated me and waited for me fix VIP server. Now you can use only a function 'Collect All Items' then ditlep will collect all items in every nodes.

Add collect Raw Crystal every hour. NOW you can manage your dragon too easy. It can be All VIP accounts extended one more day. The server is under maintaining.

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Update Turkish language New Features: It will grow selected food in all farm buildings are empty, please make sure all your farm buildings are empty to get max resources.

Get Gold Free work properly draton here Date: How to Transfer Resource Uploaded by fan.

If you couldn't link device please start over again. Available on vip server only. Fight My Arena Top Masters.

Some Browsers mobile device can't load page properly Date: This feature allow collect resources with every hour from server, you can turn off your browser or device after active this feature.

Fix Negative Food New Feature: Can not get Gold and Food free. Display wrong some Dragons skill at My Dragons tab Date: Add Tournaments Super Man Tab.

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