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Last edited by Surmount; Tuesday, May 11, at Video are of short length which make it easy to listen. The GRE is tough, it will test your determination. Which of the following can be inferred about minority communities on the basis of the passage?

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For example, within minority communities, capital markets do not properly fulfill their functions; they do not provide access to the aggregate flow of funds in the United States.

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The existing system expresses definite socially based investment preferences that result from the previous allocation of income and that influence the allocation of resources for the present and future.

Choice C is incorrect because the passage does not mention any assumption on the part of conventional theory with regard to the consequence of considering socioeconomic factors. Thus it may be inferred that gge traditional analysis assumes that all communities will receive their share of available funds, in reality those funds are disproportionately allocated to majority communities.

C is the best answer. I have some other resources I am willing to share about Wprdlist vocabulary.

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The problem underlying this dysfunction is found in a rationing mechanism affecting both the available alternatives for investment and the amount of financial resources. Choice D is the best answer. Computer knowledge is mandatory for almost any job these days and here are a few ebooks that can be used for reference and as study material for Bank jobs, govt Moreover, it is assumed that transaction costs for various types of financial instruments stocks, bonds, etc.

According to the passage, a questionable assumption of the conventional theory about the operation of financial markets is that A creditworthiness as determined by lenders is a factor determining market access B market structure and market dynamics depend on income distribution C a worslist of alternative sources of funds would result from taking audo factors into consideration D those who engage in financial-market transactions are perfectly well informed about the market E inequalities in income distribution are increased by the functioning of the financial market Explanation: Choice D is incorrect while a stipend paid for a service might be considered a type of transaction cost, this choice does not describe a transaction cost involving the purchase or sale of financial instruments.

A wodlist to purchase stock is a transaction cost, and stock is mentioned in the passage as an example of type of financial instrument.

Find All Thanked Posts. This question asks you to identify a claim about conventional financial-market theory that is made explicitly in the passage.

Sunday, August 19, This question asks you to identify the main point that is conveyed by the passage. The main point made by the passage is that A financial markets provide for an optimum allocation of resources among all competing participants by balancing supply and demand B the allocation of financial resources takes place among separate individual participants, each of whom has access to the market C the existence of certain factors adversely affecting members of minority groups shows that financial markets do not function as conventional theory says they function D investments in minority communities can be made by the use of various alternative financial instruments, such as stocks and bonds E since transaction costs for stocks, bonds, and other other financial instruments are not equally apportioned among all minority-group members, the financial market is subject to criticism Explanation: Repetitive listing to lecture will help you memorize many words.

GRE Exam can be taken anytime in the year,but only once per calendar month, and no more than five times within any month period.

Both B and D present a general claim about issues eordlist in the passage, but neither statement expresses the main point of the passage. Market participants are viewed as acting as entirely independent and homogeneous individuals with perfect foresight about capital-market behavior. The new GRE tests your ability to use higher level vocabulary just like the previous one. C They do no receive the share of the amount of funds available for investment grre would be expected according to traditional financial-market analysis.

Is there any link to download 'GRE high frequency' word list in audio? The best answer is choice D.

Here it is in the words of ets. While this statement in D could be true, there is not enough information provided in the passage to support such an inference. Choices A, C, And Grre are not correct because amounts of loans, prices of goods, and exchange rates would not be considered transaction costs for financial instruments.

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Video Lecture 1 Tuesday, June 14, Here are a few video embedded below 1. GRE audio Try this out: The GRE is tough, it will test your determination. The sample questions above are testament to this. For Bank Jobs Computer knowledge is mandatory for almost any job these days and here are a few ebooks that can be used for reference and as study material for Bank jobs, govt The fact that a particular message is posted on or transmitted using this web site does not mean that CSSForum has endorsed that message in any way or verified the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message.

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