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No good answer for either of these questions, yet segregation is put forward as a necessity, and even the law. I'm still watching you Gibsy. A This is the prettiest cover art I've seen. On January 4,

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Other than that, there were quite a lot of chuckle-worthy situations and the play with fairytale tropes and potential what-happened-afterwards was cleverly done although some are sad of course, no matter how predictable they were.

I don't want to spoil it for those who may wa It's been awhile since I've read any of the Fables tales, so it was good to return to that world.

Fables, Vol. 12: The Dark Ages

Since the Fables series is nearing its end okay, I already know the last two volumes were published years agoWillingham is taking his time building everything up to the big, tragi The Fables series has been like a rollercoaster, with ups and downs, occasional slumps, but always exciting enough to hold on for the next twist, for over twelve years now. Yeah, if it turned out he was actually the Big Bad Wolf, I might have started to get a wee bit territorial.

The fact that the evil Geppetto was offered amnesty after his defeat, and is now walking around Fabletown as a free man is the least of their problems.

The nature of Fables, though, is that they live on This interview has been edited and condensed.

Now, I am definitely looking forward to reading the next volumes in this series! Both were fine, better than the old drop in artists they'd use. Apr 29, Ronyell rated it really liked it Shelves: Books by Bill Willingham. There is something irresistible about fairy tales to me. Overall, this volume rises or falls on the strength of the core Camelot story It's tantalizing, certainly more interesting in these few pages than the first arc of the series proper, but I think Chris's statement in the comments is still a more compelling reason to continue.

There's also a story spotlighting Gepetto as well as a tale showing the Fabletown "band" as they battle an evil witch to free a world.

Why do you say that? The Mary Sue Interview: I've always loved Mike's expressive style, and Laura continues to do amazing work with color.

Fables Series by Bill Willingham

Is this intentional commentary? Jul 31, Bry rated it really liked it Shelves: But it'll be interesting to see how the rest of this develops as well. Willingham introduces the new antagonist, and he really surprised me with the character. Feb 07, Felicia rated it it was amazing Shelves: In my opinion, the best parts about the art were the accents, borders and backgrounds because they really set the stage for a fairy tale-esque story.

I'd feel bad about complaining that the last volume wasn't Grimm enough if this hasn't been written several years ago. This is just a collection of the first 5 issues.

Fables Reading Order for Bill Willingham's Comics ?

Bigby my heart may actually be breaking to see him this way. The story starts after Fables David Heyman, the producer of the Willinghwm Potter movies, is still interested in doing it. In fabkes tale meant strictly for grown-ups, Jack, of Beanstalk fame, is quite the social climber, and Prince Charming turns This was a pretty fun read, though since the premise was better than the execution, my rating is actually a 3.

It's is much, much better than the graphic novel that wi,lingham it, and I think if that had been the story proper I'd have loved the first shot of Fables rather than the annoyance I felt. This volume failed to surprise me in any way, and Willingham continues to churn out stories that go nowhere.

Fables Series

The artwork, done by Mark Buckingham continues to be impressive. Fables is, plainly stated, a wonderful series.

If I were to actually list everything, it would take a considerable amount of space, and some of it would probably be considered spoiler-y due to the nature of relationships, deaths, and disappe Basic Plot: The characters in fairytales are usually half-mad, murderous, sexually-charged, and grotesque.

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