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Focalmark can help with that: And on the iPhone 5s and newer, you can use your fingerprint with Touch ID to log in. Instagram rolled out a barrage of updates this year, such as the ability to publish more than one image in a single post, view disappearing photos in the same inbox as normal messages, and add Snapchat-like masks that augment your face. However, there is a smattering of progression built into the game, with you buying and upgrading new cars. It uses Google's own Material Design style for an easy to use experience, which makes moving your files around and reclaiming space a doddle.

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WifiMapper is the solution.

The 25 Best Apps of the Year So Far

Listening to Spotify is like having a giant music store at your fingertips. We suspect the auto-running component might alienate some old hands, but it really shouldn't. Your equation history is saved for future reference, and you can even select it again and add to the equation.

Here, said twist comes in the form of Mr Swap-With-Coins, an unimaginatively named square critter that mooches about, sporting a number on his bonce. If you don't want to pay, just walk a bit further. Sure, if you want the best units and access to the top arena immediately, you're going to have to pay a small fortune. Things have died down a little since, but the game remains a fun family-friendly activity that promotes exercise, and costs nothing to play.

Best free iPhone games of - Macworld UK

And that's because it cleverly subverts the rules, resulting in a fresh, modern spin on an old favourite. Changed the formatting and replaced screenshots. You can also clamber up walls scrabbling down them in a 'terrified kitten' manner when trying to hold on for too long and leap from wall to wall like a feline ninja. Well over a decade later, and squeezed into your iPhone, Yo modern classic still appeals - and it works, despite relying on virtual controls.

20 free and just plain cool apps will make your life app-solutely easy

You select a track, kick off a race against a randomly selected online opponent, and flick your little disc onwards. Reddit is the biggest time destroyer on the internet and having a mobile version makes it even worse. But Air is our favourite, with you surfing atop a snake-like winding road in the clouds, taking on all manner of wildly spinning machinery. Fortunately, LastPass takes away the hard work, making it easy to be secure.

If you are trying to save up for a big purchase, stay within your monthly budget, or just want to keep track of your spending habits, Mint is the personal finance app for you. While the iPhone version arrived in December, an Android edition landed this past March. And it's immeasurably superior to Sega's attempts to modernise the series - the on-rails and grind-oriented Crazy Taxi City Rushand pointless clicker Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire.

Here, you use two fingers to control a riderless bike, one for the handlebars and another for the seat. What starts out as controlled chaos rapidly turns into a total madhouse when the control panels start falling to bits, leaking green ooze, and replacing words with symbols.

While apps like Instagram and Snapchat hog much of the spotlight in the U. Get this right, and you can end up soaring into the millions - or even billions - during the final few turns.

This third entry in the Super Stickman Golf series finds a little golfer perched on larger-than-life courses, probably wondering why he or she is tasked with smacking balls about moon bases, giant trees and rollercoasters when so-called professionals only have to contend with nicely tended greens and the odd bit of sand.

But the actual racing bit is pleasingly unique, with its mix of snooker-like aiming, speed, and split-second decision making.

freee So you'll get tall and thin bears, weirdly wide and squat bears, and there's the holy grail of the 'filling the entire screen' bear if you clear all of the letters.

It's there you discover especially apps bears with special powers that seriously boost your score in various ways when selected before a new round; but this mechanic serves more to over-complicate the game than improve it. Added control comes by way of a spin command, which can nudge a duff chip to the green towards the hole, or ricochet a rocket shot off of the ceiling in a manner thoroughly impossible in real life.

The name Soosiz might ring a bell with long-time iPhone gamers. The best smartphone apps for Christmas. They then - since this is an old-school platform game - turn into fruit. They all lurk atop levitating islands floating above an abyss, awaiting the chance to do apos violence.

It's not easy being a firecracker. This one change transforms Flipflop Solitaire into something akin to a puzzle game. Really, there's not a lot here that you haven't seen before. The thing is, it really works. coil

The app will detect a login screen, you sign in with your master password or thumbprint and it will automatically fill in your details.

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