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Get the motorcycle racing game for free and enjoy sports bike racing Extreme Motorbike game. Complete stunts, stunning tricks as you try your best to uphold the law in the city, drive around with your siren turned on, stop drivers that are breaking the traffic rules with a wonderful realistic graphics and amazing sound effect of the police bike and sirens. Home Best New action adventure arcade driving beauty puzzle shooting skill sports.

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This might probably come as a shock to you but this game has over one hundred million downloads on google play store, I have not yet seen a game with that much downloads.

Feel the joy of driving in city! Now play realistic bike simulation game as motorbike rider.

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From traditional racing to crazy and awkward obstacle courses, we have you covered. Jump, balance and speed your way through tons of crazy stages, all the while dodging or riding on moving obstacles, falling debris and deadly drops.

Madalin Stunt Cars 2. Always inspect your bike to ensure it is sound before commencing upon any challenge.

12 Best Bike Simulator Games For Android 2018 | Free Download

Ride on fastest sports bike in motorcycle racing game to become an xtreme stunt rider. This is an exotic high ground bike racing game with a wonderful simulation of all the bikes that you will be driving, enjoy a fast-paced racing simulation game on Android in High GroundSports Bike Simulator City Jumper for just 37mb. You can then choose which track you wish to race on — choose from three different tracks, each with a different mountain layout.

Choose your motorbike and then jump on and enter the map!

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Embed Bike Race Simulator. Madalin Stunt Cars 2.

Different bikes available include smiulator bikes, trials bikes, or even a powerful police bike! Get ready to ride on the fastest Extreme Motorbike!

There is also three different locations to choose from — a city located in a mountainous desert, a sprawling city complex and a barren wasteland. In highway mode the highway rider will have to dodge traffic cars and trucks on highway in fast real racing challenge.

Gangster Vegas Grand City. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Then look no bie than our huge library of awesome bike games.

Thank you so much for going through this article, I hope you find the Best Bike Simulator Games For Android suitable for your respective Android devices. There are different modes in this game to keep things interesting and features to give you that first-person thrilling experience with over 40 levels to race through.

Maneuver your bike while running over rocks and tree roots, activate some amazing boost and do a lot of jumps to pass some obstacles. All of our simulatog look and feel great thanks to the power of Flash and WebGL. Experience the thrill of Motorbike Racing in No.

Bike Race Simulator

Experience the same physics as our 2D side-scrolling bike games as you make your way through the craziest, most dangerous water park imaginable. Go to the extreme on an nike journey into the world of sports bike simulator, drifting as frequent as you can and also performing some insane stunts and skills on your super motorbike. You can also play the car version. In stunts mode perform insane stunt actions in best motorbike game with HD 3d graphics.

Take the corners carefully and make sure you stick to the racing line. Did you like playing 3D Moto Simulator 2? Join fastest motorbike riders of the world in free motorbike simulator.

Of course, if the levels aren't hard enough, you can always design your own. Get the motorcycle racing game for free and enjoy sports bike racing Extreme Motorbike game. Notify me of new posts by email. Play with variety of fastest sports bike in history bie motorcycle racing games. The Extreme stunt bike with rear view mirrors is best sports motorbike for performing stunts.

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