Head over heels

Amanda's judgment turns out to be wrong and Jim, who turns out to be undercover cop, Bob Smoot, who was trying to gain a suspect's trust by staging his partner Megan's death, has his cover blown. For this production, Michael Mayer directed. An angry Philoclea explains Cleophila's true identity and that Musidorus is her love, not either of her parents. When Amanda finds out about what she thinks is Jim's involvement with Megan's death, she confronts him.

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The meaning and origin of the expression: Head over heels

Jeff Whitty conceived the show and wrote the original book, which was then adapted by James Magruder. While away, Mopsa realizes that her feelings for Pamela remain, and decides to return "Vacation".

Mopsa and Pamela tell their secret to their friends, prompting the other two to reveal that Cleophila is actually Musidorus. Use mdy dates from June Musical theatre articles missing an image in infobox Pages with timeline metadata Interlanguage link template link number Official website not in Wikidata.

An original cast album was produced through Sony Masterworks Broadway ; it was digitally released on October 12,and the CD release will be November 9.

Falling stars challenge sends China head over heels

Musidorus is able to evade Dametas' watchful eye with his female disguise, and heelw about to confess to Philoclea before a jealous and distraught Pamela interrupts them, destroying the room "How Much More". The expression makes little sense.

Dametas attempts to warn Basilius about the flags, but he brushes it off, as he is still king and no men have been seen with his daughters. They promise not to leave Mopsa again, and Dametas apologizes for his cruel treatment, embracing Pythio for who they truly are "Mad About Heles Reprise. Discography Head Over Heels musical.

Head Over Heels Broadway | Official Site

Musidorus realizes that his journey was not well-planned, and worries that he may die in the forest before coming across a dead theatre troupe and their belongings. They are actually Dametas' lost wife, banished nead Arcadia after they confessed their gender identity to him. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from " https: He lies to his family, explaining that Pythio only prophesized happy ends and that they must hunt a golden stag on the road.

Annoyed about the police's lack of effort to find out what has really happened, Amanda and her new friends investigate on their own. Arianne Phillips is the show's costume designer, [5] [6] and Spencer Liff is the ueels. The first mention of love comes heae the time that the phrase had crossed the Atlantic. Later, Jim, Amanda and her roommates get captured, but escape when Roxana seduces their Russian guard, and with the help of the models realize what Halloran was really doing, smuggling diamonds.

Pamela does not understand, and releases her from her duties. Carlyle's spelling of summerset for somersault.

When Mopsa realizes that Pamela's ideal suitor might not be a man at all, she attempts to reassure Pamela by confessing that she has similar feelings. They kiss and close the curtains to his apartment window.

This page was last edited on 22 Septemberat It follows the royal family of Arcadia on their journey to keep their famous "Beat".

Also joining the re-imagined creative team were music supervisor Tom Kitt who previously worked with Mayer on American Idiotand James Margruder to adapt Whitty's original libretto. On the road, Philoclea asks her sister and Mopsa, Dametas' daughter and Pamela's loyal handmaid, for advice about Musidorus.

The show began previews at the Hudson Theatre on June 23, Browse phrases beginning with:. As the king and queen realize what really happened, Basilius decides that Musidorus must be the new king and challenges him to a duel "Lust to Love".

Head over Heels ( film) - Wikipedia

Are we gaga for the new Go-Go's musical? This example, from the Indiana newspaper The Lebanon PatriotJuneand the lack of quotation marks or explanation suggests that the expression was in common usage by that date:. When Amanda finds out about what oveer thinks is Jim's involvement with Megan's death, she confronts him.

Head Over Heels is a " jukebox " musical comedy with music and lyrics from the catalog of Heac Go-Go's. At various moments in the show, "Skidmarks on My Heart" is played to signify realizations by the characters. Retrieved January 13,

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