Confessions of a medical heretic

But Western religion, namely Christianity, did exactly what Modern Medicine did: He says that it does not matter HOW a person is healed, what matters is that the person is healed. Perhaps doctors are playing the placebo effect for all it's worth? Another study in l showed that thirty-two percent of chest x-rays showing definite abnormalities in the lungs were misdiagnosed as negative. Recently doctors have been taught to share this information with the parents either because of their belief in the patient's right to know or -- more likely -- because they're afraid another doctor will find it and tell them first.

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Nowhere is it more evident that the "cures" are worse than the disease. But since those strangers are paid to keep your family away from you, you won't have anything to say.

Robert S. Mendelsohn

Inabout children in Germany hereetic 1, elsewhere were heretkc severely deformed because their mothers had taken thalidomide, a sleeping pill and tranquilizer during the early weeks of pregnancy. A quarter century ago I was taught in medical school that x-rays of [28] the breast were practically worthless. And they're of dubious value to all other women, since the breasts are especially sensitive to x-rays.

Several years will be required before scientific investigations will yield the answer to this question. Finally, if a serious course of treatment hinges on the results of lab tests, have them done again at another lab. In another nationwide survey fifty percent of the "high standard" labs licensed for Medicare work failed to jedical. He died April 5, at his home in Evanston, Illinois.

Lab tests and diagnostic machines wouldn't be so dangerous if doctors weren't addicted to the quantitative information these tools provide.

Sometimes a doctor will have you placed on a cart to be wheeled into the x-ray room.

At another point he advises any student in medical school to pick the most interventionist option on a test, because that is the one the testers are looking for. Buy the selected items together This item: Simply continue to breastfeed your baby.

Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Robert S. Mendelsohn

And it only gets better and better by the page. Some of those side effects include: If you find his instructions are different from the prescribing information in the PDR you should ask him why. Some parts of the text seemed repetitive, but they were consistent; Dr. He describes the confessilns of things done by the medical industry to unsuspecting patients consumers to defraud them, mess up their whole set of family dynamics by inserting themselves in the middle.

Switch On Your Brain Dr.

Now it takes two large shots of the antibiotic to treat it, and it's sometimes necessary to use additional drugs! I asked her what she would do if the mother decided to stay. If your child is a little too peppy for his teacher to handle, your doctor may go too far and turn him into a drug dependent.

Because we're living in an era of poly-pharmacy -- everybody is taking more than one drug at a time -- you've got to become aware of the dangers of combinations of drugs.

The vast majority of children with a common cold have no trace of this sort of infection. Nourishing Fats Sally Fallon Morell. If a lab won't talk about its rate of errors, scratch it off your list. Description This book covers issues from unnecessary surgeries and prescribed drugs, to preventive medicine and home births.

Company detail men, actually salesmen, build friendly, profitable relationships with the doctors on their route, wining and dining, doing favors, handing out samples of drugs. Leave the research and teaching to someone who is identified as a researcher or a teacher. This book should be required reading for every medical school student. Modern Medicine can't survive without our faith, because Modern Medicine is neither an art nor a science. The damaging effects of hormones used in the Pill and in sex hormones used for menopause had already surfaced.

Once you've made known your preference for avoiding x-rays, if your doctor still wants you under the gun, here are the questions you should ask: His ide In "Confessions of a Medical Heretic," a wayward doctor goes rogue and sticks it to the man. If your life isn't going the way it should, your need a drug.

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