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Asus has greatly declined since the last time I had an issue years ago. They just leave you hanging with lie after lie. It would help to have a technical manual so that I do this properly. He said it ended Nov. Please kindly help me.

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Is Asus Customer Service Good? 2018 Rating

They couldn't find the problem so they said that i had no problem and i have proof with videos which are showing the freezes. Goosed by Asus Says: Return the whole computer, which took me a day to set up the way I wanted it, or, send the whole computer in for testing, which would leave me unable to work for god-knows how long. October 1st, at 8: If you do buy an ASUS here in Canada, you should just assume there is no manufacturer warranty and that even if they tell you they have an accidental qnd protection plan included, that it doesn't exist.

The most important factor when buying a computer is its support and how effective their customer service is. This is all just a front.

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Best Displaysfor University Students. Otherwise I can just advise that you go to any local shops to help you get rid of this BIOS password. When speaking with Tim in the Customer Care unit today he said that Denyse ssus Asus made a mistake when she told me I could send the laptop in in Dec. May 14th, at 5: All 3 had problems within the first year. This includes even an ink pen with their logo on it. I turned it off last night supporrt usual, but when I turned it back on this morning it gives a hibernating sign once the screen comes up.

The advice was topical but no better than what I would suppory gotten from a quick Google search. He told her to try some troubleshooting before sending it in.

I received several apologies and a commitment that the power cords would be expedited 2 days back to me. February 20th, at 8: Save yourself the headache.

I have had a Nexus seven made by Asus for two years and am quite satisfied with it. But now when the power button is pressed its not turned on.

The spacebar on the keyboard wasn't working properly forcing me to manually go back and add spaces on a regular basis. I've used phone support on numerous occasions, and not only found the reps.

I would like to complain because greek asus support didn't help me with my problem Amazing to me that a company of this size can't get parts for their on computer and then say they can't even find one to replace it with. Awus I pointed this out to level 3 techs three separate times with three separate techs they got it, but apparently their boss assu not. June 11th, at They just leave you hanging with lie after lie. And he promised me he would leave the ticket open and send a note about the problem to the development team.


February 19th, at 5: If each Asus representative says something different, how is the customer supposed to know what to believe or what zsus do? I sent it back to ASUS, and they again told me there was no known issue with the hinge.

I called 'customer service' in Oct. ASUS hires customer service in the Caribbean and does not give them the ability to reach the repair department directly.

I could never imagine that a customer care can be so incompetent.

Furthermore, Asus guarantees it will pay for shipping only one way — back from its service center. After a few months it stopped booting up properly.

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