Helmet 3d model

It was made in black plastic, but no scanning spray was needed, since plastic was mat. Leather surfaces often reflect the white glare from a scanner's flash. Need to scan a transparent object? Sixties style chair from one of our office conference rooms.

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These coins were scanned on a leaflet featuring printed text to make it easy to capture the edges.

Sixties style chair from one of our office conference rooms. To scan the thin parts, we laid it onto the floor in order to get a background surface. A wooden chair scanned with Eva. Need to scan a transparent object? To create this high-quality 3D model, both the interior and exterior of this bright orange pumpkin were scanned using Eva and Space Spider. The second scan was to cover the side that the coin stood on.

This chandelier has fantastic geometry and good original texture for smooth tracking.

Newsletter Sign me up to the Artec 3D newsletter. A sharp dagger with fine woven metal mail on the handle. Dragon and phoenix statuette. This head is a perfect example of a suitable object for Eva Lite - there are no color shifts that Eva with the color camera could have used for tracking enhancement.

Home 3D scans Art and design.

There's plenty of clearly visible ornaments that makes tracking simple and reliable. A 3D model of a 4. An architectural element, scanned with Eva in under 2 minutes.

Free 3D Helmet Models

Even though this plate has a thin and narrow edge, Artec Spider scanned it with ease, using the texture of the background. The symmetrical geometry mocel this vase could have made it difficult to scan, but 3dd to its rich texture, capturing it with Eva was fast and very easy.

The inner side of this old bronze helmet is very narrow. Leather surfaces often reflect the white glare from a scanner's flash. A plastic figurine of fantasy dragon.

3D Printable Helmets

The texture of the armchair may seem repetitive, but the pattern is actually unique and provides easy and reliable texture tracking.

After scanning it was slightly adjusted in 3D modeling software and carved in styrofoam. A cosplay of a ruthless mercenary from DC comics universe - Deathstroke. Artec Spider was able to scan it perfectly and in high detail. An architectural piece, scanned with Moddl Lite.

Use an Artec 3D scanner.

Helmet 3d model - Free3D

This small figurine of a Chinese horseman warrior was scanned to make perfect replicas in different sizes. A novelty chalice, made of plastic, with metal cup inside. Capturing both hair and fur can be quite tricky, but this 3D model of a very furry werewolf, made with Eva, shows that nothing is impossible! Cog fidget spinner with carvings.

A cosplay of hhelmet notorious super villain from DC comics universe - Harley Quinn.

Scanned as-is with no modifications needed for tracking. Skip to main content. A cosplay of an armed mercenary girl from a popular videogame Borderlands. This model of a transparent magic potion bottle was created with Space Spider. This coin was thick enough to stand its side and was captured in just two scans.

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