Eclipse java formatter

Examples and links are very welcome. Trailing whitespace is prohibited except for one case. Are there any other basic formatters that can do a better job? Eventually, you're better off starting with the Sun coding conventions than a completely hand-crafted one , with a few tweaks done to suit your organization's coding style and readability requirements. Almost anything you want.

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Do not use author javadoc tags!

Inject private Logger logger. What don't you like about it?

Eclipse code style profiles and IntelliJ

See this proposal for more information. Printing is a problem. Admin Guide All topics Installation Configuration. Modify it on tab Line Wrapping and uncheck Prefer wrapping outer expressions keep nested expression on one line.

I would, however, strongly consider the standard Eclipse formatting.

Java Code Style (anagramsolver.onlinee) - XWiki

The eclipse configurable Java guide can be found here. My Recent Modifications Logo. You can basically configure it to do anything you want. Sometime I change also the line width to be or 80 characters is just too narrow in my monitor. I eclipsw highly recommend the google's style guideit's a collection of coding style guide for commonly used programming languages.

If you do a real download of the raw file it works Only problem kava wide lines is when you ask Eclipse to print them Give the style a name, and click OK. Installing the guide is quite simple, Save the style xml to a file and import it using the following dialogue box:.


We are following the Oracle Javadoc coding conventions. I am in favour of Java Convention with spaces only, block and line comment formatting turned off, and lines. We don't have code ownership in XWiki. The trailing whitespace in the center line in that comment is permissible.

When introducing a class or a new method on several branches, multiple since annotations must be used to mention the different versions in formatetr this element has been added. Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it.

Have you considered looking at the preferences for the formatter? Our build the Maven one is configured to fail on violations. Trailing whitespace is prohibited except for one case. Select the pages to export: Attachments 1 History Information. If they really are needed then it's a sign that they should probably move to main or that the test tool manipulating those classes should itself have its classes locate in test see xwiki-platform-test-page for an example for this use case. Are there any other basic formatters that can do a better job?

The default Eclipse formatter formats my Java code in a really funny way.

Best Eclipse Code Formatters? Old thread but will still reply. Ungzip and untar the file in the following location: The XWiki project is following a specific coding style for Java code.

However the decision to follow this code style and enforce it was only made long after the beginning of the project and not all the code base has been moved to formatrer new code style.

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