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As much as we love those double coated breeds and short coated breeds the hair is enough to make pet owners crazy. Full colour professionally produced disc graphics. Not only will your dogs coat look healthier but their skin will be healthier as well. I wondered if anyone can advise me which instructional DVD's would be the best.

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She has put together a bathing process that will keep those pet owners coming back for more. Join Date Apr Posts The disc is covering all aspects of grooming clipping, conditioning, nails, ear cleaning and eye care. However, they can be tricky to use.

This is not only the most efficient way to shed out coats but also the healthiest way to de-shed for you, the groomer, as well as the pets. This is a skill that will put you a cut above the rest.

Jodi will demonstrate a stylish pet trim on this little Yorkie with the help groomnig thinning shears.

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Learn how to change that typical mixed breed trim into a 'personality trim'. Jodi will demonstrate an easy way to achieve those difficult schnauzer eyebrows. Also shop in Also shop in. When used properly they are a great sculpting tool.

Border Terrier - Pet Groomng - 70 min This little terrier is the perfect breed to learn the art of handstripping. I will also demonstrate several breeds with groomong coat types and walk you through thinning techniques such as blending, lift layering, bulk thinning, softening as well as many other techniques that will significantly improve your finished product. Jodi will demonstrate two trims as well as three head styles. From bathing techniques, water temperature, ears, nail clipping, nail grinding, brushing and combing techniques, this DVD is packed with information that is the foundation that will help you achieve the best possible finished product.

These techniques will help your trims look natural. Two coat types will be demonstrated with correct bathing and drying techniques. Results 1 to 8 of 8. I mainly groom Shih Tzu x Maltese, Poodles x.

Jodi Murphy Grooming DVDs

Poodle - min The Poodle is a very elegant breed. We have all heard that phrase before. As a bonus Jodi will demonstrate a pet banded topknot and also a German T-Trim head style. Jodi will show you how to set the topknot into a 7F body so the entire trim just flows. As much as we love those double coated breeds and short coated breeds the hair is enough to make ggooming owners crazy.

I found that some of the videos I watched on there were extremely pixelated ie: They are techniques that are done on show dogs as per the breed standard.

Where in Australia are you? Before the Groom, Straight from the Tub - min Being one of the top grooming competitors dve the World Jodi understands the importance of proper coat preparation. In this nearly 2 hour DVD Jodi will share with you proper coat preparation that will help you not only get a beautiful finish on your dogs but will help your grooms last. I have tried the Learn2Groomdogs and I'll give you my honest opinion: Jodi will demonstrate three dogs with three different coat types, the Golden Retriever, Springer Spaniel and Standard Poodle.

The first trim will give your poodle style without leaving excessive coat. Join Date Feb Posts Let's take a look at the canine skin and different situations that trigger shedding.

On some of them it took quite a bit of time to buffer, so if I wanted to replay something, I couldn't.

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